Draenor Mining Route: Nagrand

Even though I’m for the mining route in Talador, because the area offers better access, it doesn’t mean that other Draenor zones aren’t good for mining. Nagrand also has plenty of Blackrock Ore and True Iron Ore to be gathered, and here’s a good route for them.


  • Minimum level 98;
  • Minimum mining skill 600;
  • Gatherer or GatherMate addons (optional).

Where to go:

Fly to The Throne of Elements (74,27) in Nagrand.

Draenor Nagrand Mining Route

What to do:

Starting from Throne of Elements follow the route described on the map above, and evidently gather all the Blackrock and True Iron you see. I normally do this clockwise, starting with:

Snarlpaw Ledge –> Eastwind Gulch –> Hemet’s Happy Hunting Grounds –> Hallvalor –> The area NE from Mar’Kog’s Overwatch –> Sabermaw and the surroundings –> Telaar and the surroundings –> The area west from Grommashar –> Oshu’Gun and the Spirit Woods (at Spirit Woods you can go underground at (55,64). You should find several nodes there –> The area south from Mok’Gol Watchpost –> and finally follow the river east, towards the starting point, gathering whatever minerals I can find on the way. You can make a detour from the river, to the Stonecrag Gorge if you want. You’ll find some minerals there too. I don’t always go there though.

You can also find minerals in the northern part of Nagrand, but the area is packed with elites, and it’s not worth fighting them.


After one hour of following this route, I got: Draenor Nagrand Mining Loot

Blackrock Ore x 350 = 500g/stack = 875g
True Iron Ore x 245 = 450g/stack = 551g

Primal Spirit x 62
Draenic Stone x 182

Total: 1,426g


Selling the ore might not be the best choice, since the price isn’t typically high. Crafting stuff with it, might bring you much more profit. But regardless the purpose you need Draenor ore for, this is a great route to get it.

Since the area has a lot of ups and downs, it’s a good idea to have one or two stacks of Goblin Glider Kits, to jump off cliffs or from cliff to cliff when you can, without dying of course.

Items like Stealthman 54, Aviana’s Feather, Draenic Water Walking Elixirs, or the Azure Water Strider can also help a lot.


  1. This guide is bad.
    1. Everything is trying to kill you
    2. you have to deal with cliffs
    3. You don’t have the advantage of level difference and have to kill every talbuk or clefthoof that has decided to permadaze you.

    • Well, that’s Draenor. You can’t use a flying mount, and it’s full of aggro, no matter where you go. You’ll always get aggro. On the other hand, you could play a Rogue or Druid with Mining, to be able to sneak through aggro, or use Stealthman 54 engineering devices to get stealth and avoid aggro. Those things should be cheap … like 10-20s per piece.

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