Mining Ghost Iron Ore in Mists of Pandaria

Quite a few crafts require Ghost Iron, and in large quantities. Even though the price for a stack at the moment might not be very high, in case your pockets and vaults are kinda empty, you might consider farming it yourself. The following area within the Valley of the Four Winds is literally stuffed with Ghost Iron Ore nodes.


  • Level 90;
  • Mining: minimum 500 skill;
  • Mining Pick;
  • Flying Mount;
  • Wisdom of the Four Winds Flying Skill;
  • Mist-Piercing Goggles;
  • The Gatherer Addon (optional);

Where to go:

Teleport to Pandaria then fly to Stoneplow (20,58) in Valley of the Four Winds. From there, go a bit north, in the northwestern part of the zone, at Paoquan Hollow, Singing Marshes and Skyrange.

Mining Ghost Iron Ore in Mists of Pandaria

What to do:

Start gathering all the Ghost Iron you see, in the area marked on the map. You don’t need to follow a certain route, because there are loads of Ghost Iron in the area. You’ll sometimes see 4-5 nodes on your radar.

Just follow the rocky cliffs of the plateau there, moving up and down the mountain, and entering the forest of Paoquan Hollow from time to time, or checking the top area at Skyrange and Kunzen Village. Even if there are other players gathering minerals in this area, you’ll still be able to get at least 8-9 pieces of ore per minute, which is not bad.

Mining Ghost Iron Ore LootLoot:

After one hour of mining here, I got:

Ghost Iron Ore x540 = 25g/stack = 675g
White Trillium Ore x11 = 6g/each = 66g

Total: 741 gold for one hour of mining


Although this may not be the best mining spot in Pandaria, because you won’t find many other minerals than Ghost Iron, it is a great spot for gathering Ghost Iron.

Since Ghost Iron is an easy to gather resource, the prices for it are usually low. Therefore, to make decent profits out of it it’s best to prospect it and sell the gems if you have a jewelcrafter, craft engineering parts, or even craft pieces of armor and other stuff if you also have a blacksmith.

Also, you should check the price for Ghost Iron Bars, before selling the ore as it is. The price for a bar may be 4-5g and by turning the ore into bars and selling the bars you’ll get more profit.

If you have an Alchemist, you can transmute the Ghost Iron Bars (x10) into Trillium Bars. So, you’ll actually get at least 1 Trillium Bar per stack of Ghost Iron Ore. Sometimes a Trillium Bar is double priced than a stack of Ghost Iron Ore.

There are 3 rare mobs that spawn close to this area, Blackhoof (34,59), Bonobos (at Paoquan Hollow (16,35)), Nal’lak the Ripper (south-west from Paoquan Hollow (around 11,52). Although they drop only BoP items, maybe you’ll use some of the stuff they drop for transmogrifications.

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