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Zul’Gurub Quick Farm – 400-500g in 10 minutes

Florawing Hive Queen Boss

Before proceeding with the description of this farming method, there is one aspect to be clarified. You’ll be making here 400g-500g gold value, not raw gold. Differently put, it’s a quick farming method for Volatile Air, Volatile Life, and Twilight Jasmine. Requirements: Minimum level 90; Where to go: If you play Horde, use the portal in Orgrimmar to teleport to Blasted Lands at Shattered Landing ... Read More »

Vortex Pinnacle – Volatile Air Farming Method

Vortex Pinnacle Spot

Since level 85 isn’t the highest level anymore, and 5-man Cataclysm instances are now pretty much soloable, this makes The Vortex Pinnacle an excellent spot for farming Volatile Air. Even though you won’t make tons of gold here, this is an excellent (maybe the best) way to gather this crafting material, in case you need it for your professions, or simply to sell at AH. ... Read More »

Volatile Air Farming Spot

Scion of Al'Akir

Similar to the farming spot in Silithus for Essence of Air, there’s one in Uldum, for Volatile Air. Volatile Air still is an expensive essence and many tailors use if to get Dreamcloth for Illusionary Bags. So, in case you don’t transmute it from Volatile Life, a nice spot to farm Volatile Air is at Orsis in Uldum. Requirements: ¬†Minimum level 83; Where to go: ... Read More »

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