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Treasure Chest Farming Route – Easy 10k Gold

Silken Treasure Chest - Silithus

Each World of Warcraft zone, old or new, has its share of treasures and treasure chests of all kinds. Some of the valuables you can find in such a chest can bring you over 10k gold, with minimum effort. All you need it a little bit of luck, and of course, to know where to look for chests. The following treasure chest route extends over ... Read More »

Herbalism Route for Whiptail in Uldum

Whiptail Herb

Although some of the herbs that grow in the Cataclysm zones have pretty low prices, the price of Whiptail still stays quite up. That’s because Whiptail is a reagent for the level 85 Agility and Strength flasks, and many players still use those as they level up from 85 to 90. But more importantly Whiptail is a reagent for Potion of Treasure Finding, which is ... Read More »

Volatile Air Farming Spot

Scion of Al'Akir

Similar to the farming spot in Silithus for Essence of Air, there’s one in Uldum, for Volatile Air. Volatile Air still is an expensive essence and many tailors use if to get Dreamcloth for Illusionary Bags. So, in case you don’t transmute it from Volatile Life, a nice spot to farm Volatile Air is at Orsis in Uldum. Requirements: ¬†Minimum level 83; Where to go: ... Read More »

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