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Zul’Farrak (Tanaris) – Mageweave Cloth and Transmog Gear

Zul'Farrak Mobs That Drop Transmog Gear

Ever since Transmogrification was introduced in World of Warcraft, instance farming has improved. Especially at low level, there are many green, tradable armor sets with cool graphics, that players collect. Zul’Farrak is one of the instances where you can get quite a few cool item sets for Transmog, and you will also get tons of Mageweave Cloth. Requirements: Minimum level 65; AoE spec. Where to ... Read More »

3 Weapons To Craft And Sell For Transmogrifications

BLacksmithing Transmog Fel Iron Hatchet

Transmogrification equipment is something on high demand nowadays, as almost every player wants their character to look cool. And one of the most visible items that sure bring a lot to the coolness of a character, is the weapon. Unfortunately many blacksmiths whine that there’s nothing valuable for them to craft and that all the Blacksmithing crafts are too expensive. However, they never pay any ... Read More »

Transmogrification Gear Farming Guide: The Doomwalker

The Doomwalker

One of the best ways to get 5.000 or up to 20.000 gold worth of loot in World of Warcraft, within less than 10 minutes of farming, is to hunt some of the outdoor bosses in Outland. The Doomwalker in Shadowmoon Valley is one of the bosses that drops quite a few super cool looking, BoE items, that can be sold for a lot of ... Read More »

Transmogrification Gear Farming Spot – Doom Lord Kazzak

Doom Lord Kazzak

There are quite a few outdoor bosses that you can easily farm nowadays with an 85+ character. One of them is Doom Lord Kazzak. In case you haven’t killed this boss so far, you should know that it drops BoE epic items. And not only these are great twink items to have, some of them have an awesome aspect and can be sold for 1000’s ... Read More »

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