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Best Farming Spot for Rylak Eggs

Darkwing Matron

Even though Savage Feasts obtained through the Garrison Barn are pretty powerful foods, Cooking still has much to offer to the ones who boost this profession. One of the feasts that can be crafted with Cooking is Feast of Blood, and this one requires Rylak Eggs. Now, Rylak Eggs aren’t that easy to farm. That’s why their price continues to remain pretty high. So, here’s ... Read More »

WoD: Nagrand Skinning Spot for Raw Beast Hides


In Outland, Nagrand is the best zone to get Knothide Leather. Well, from the Draenor zones, Nagrand is once again, the top zone to put your Skinning skills to work, to make some gold. Even though each zone has its share of beasts, which can be skinned, the ones in Nagrand, due to the fact that they’re level 98-99, they drop Raw Beast Hides, and ... Read More »

WoD: Gorgrond – Best Sumptuous Fur Spot


Although this might not be the best spot in the game to make gold, this is indeed one of the best spots to get Sumptuous Fur. Since this crafting material is required by many Warlords of Draenor crafting recipes, not just in Tailoring or First Aid, and doesn’t quite grow on trees, so far it sells like hot cakes and for a lot of gold. ... Read More »

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