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Tanaan Jungle Skinning – Raw Beast Hides and Felblight

Zorammarsh Skinning Spot

To be clear, this is not the best Skinning spot in Draenor, and far from being an extraordinary gold farming spot. However, it’s one of the best skinning spots in Tanaan jungle, and also a place where you can get Felblight via skinning. Requirements: Level 100; Minimum 600 Skinning skill. Where to go: Teleport to your faction’s outpost in Tanaan Jungle, fly to Vault of ... Read More »

WoD: Nagrand Skinning Spot for Raw Beast Hides


In Outland, Nagrand is the best zone to get Knothide Leather. Well, from the Draenor zones, Nagrand is once again, the top zone to put your Skinning skills to work, to make some gold. Even though each zone has its share of beasts, which can be skinned, the ones in Nagrand, due to the fact that they’re level 98-99, they drop Raw Beast Hides, and ... Read More »

Best Light and Medium Leather Skinning Spot


Although I have labelled this spot as the best spot for skinning Medium Leather and Light Leather, this is much more than a farming spot for leather. You will also get here tons of Wool Cloth and Linen Cloth, green transmog items and other useful stuff. Here’s where you have to go, and what to do. Requirements: Minimum level 50; Skinning: minimum 75 skill; Skinning ... Read More »

Skinning Spot for Thick & Rugged Leather in Ruins of Kargath

Nyxonrda's Broodling

Even though this might not be the best skinning spot in the game, for Thick Leather and Rugged Leather, it has to be mentioned, because you can also get the Dark Whelpling here, which can be quite a bonus for any skinning session. Therefore, here’s a short guide on what you must do  and where to go to get this pet and also get a ... Read More »

Heavy Leather & Medium Leather Skinning Spot


The Jademir Lake area in Feralas is not just any ordinary skinning spot. I have selected it for quite a good reason. The mobs here have the chance to drop the Tiny Emerald Whelpling, which sells for a lot of gold. Therefore, here’s a short guide on how to farm this battle pet, and also get some Heavy and Medium Leather in the process. Requirements: ... Read More »

Skinning Spot for Savage Leather & Blackened Dragonscales


The price for Blackened Dragonscales might not be that high, however Dragonscale Leg Armor enchantments still sell for 450-500g. So, if you have a skinner / leatherworker, a Blackened Dragonscales farming session might bring you a couple of thousands. On top of that Savage Leather still has a nice price per stack on most servers. So, here’s a spot for farming these types of Cataclysm ... Read More »

Skinning Spot for Borean Leather and Jormungar Scales

Gimorak's Den Mobs

One of the best spots for skinning in Northrend is at Gimorak’s Den, in Storm Peaks. Not only that you will get plenty of Borean Leather here (no scraps), you will also get a few types of meat and Jormungar Scales, which sometimes can be sold for nice amounts of gold. So, here’s a short farming guide for this spot. Requirements: Minimum level 80; Skinning: ... Read More »

Skinning Spot – Borean Leather & The Gundrak Hatchling

Gundrak Raptor

If you’re looking for a spot to farm Borean Leather and also increase your skinning skill, the north-eastern part of Zul’Drak is probably one of the best choices. And not only that you’ll get plenty of WOTLK leather here, there’s a chance you get the Gundrak Hatchling pet for them, which still sells for high sums of gold. Requirements: Minimum level 75; Skinning: minimum 385 ... Read More »

Great TBC Skinning Spot For Knothide Leather

Talbuk Thorngrazer

If you have a skinner and don’t know what leather to gather, a good choice is always Knothide Leather. Even if the price for it is not that high all the time, Heavy Knothide Leather is most of the times pricey. One of the best spots for farming Knothide Leather is in Nagrand. To make it clear, we’re talking here about the TBC, old Nagrand, ... Read More »

Prismatic Scales & Exotic Leather Skinning Spot

Wyrmhorn Turtle

This is an excellent spot for farming Exotic Leather and Prismatic Scales with a character lower than level 90. Plus, they also drop Turtle Meat, which is an ingredient for high agility foods, and sells for nice cash. Although you won’t be able to score so much leather as in a level 90 spot, this is good place to grind up your skinning skill up ... Read More »

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