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Temple of Ahn’Qiraj – Pet Farming


Many dungeons within the older WoW zones have bosses and mobs that can drop battle pets sought by players for their unique or strong battle abilities, or simply because they’re cool. Needless to say, these pets can be sold for nice amounts of gold. One of these old, Vanilla dungeons, is Temple of Ahn’Qiraj. There are 3 battle pets in this raid dungeon, and here’s ... Read More »

Treasure Chest Farming Route – Easy 10k Gold

Silken Treasure Chest - Silithus

Each World of Warcraft zone, old or new, has its share of treasures and treasure chests of all kinds. Some of the valuables you can find in such a chest can bring you over 10k gold, with minimum effort. All you need it a little bit of luck, and of course, to know where to look for chests. The following treasure chest route extends over ... Read More »

Thorium Ore Mining Route – Silithus


If you need Thorium, to sell or raise Mining, Jewelcrafting or Blacksmithing skill, the best place to look for this mineral is Silithus. This is the zone where I got the most of it. Here’s the route that I’ve been following, whenever I need a couple of bags full of Thorium Ore. Requirements: Minimum level 60; Mining: minimum 255 skill; Mining pick; Minimum 150% flying ... Read More »

Essence of Air Farming Spot


If you don’t have professions and you don’t know what to farm, Essence of Air is one of the best resources that you should put on your list. The following spot is the best in the game for farming the resource solo, with a level 55+ character. However, if you’re on a populated PvP server, you may want to keep your eyes peeled, because there’s ... Read More »

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