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Skinning Spot for Borean Leather and Jormungar Scales

Gimorak's Den Mobs

One of the best spots for skinning in Northrend is at Gimorak’s Den, in Storm Peaks. Not only that you will get plenty of Borean Leather here (no scraps), you will also get a few types of meat and Jormungar Scales, which sometimes can be sold for nice amounts of gold. So, here’s a short farming guide for this spot. Requirements: Minimum level 80; Skinning: ... Read More »

Skinning Spot – Borean Leather & The Gundrak Hatchling

Gundrak Raptor

If you’re looking for a spot to farm Borean Leather and also increase your skinning skill, the north-eastern part of Zul’Drak is probably one of the best choices. And not only that you’ll get plenty of WOTLK leather here, there’s a chance you get the Gundrak Hatchling pet for them, which still sells for high sums of gold. Requirements: Minimum level 75; Skinning: minimum 385 ... Read More »

Cobalt Ore Mining Route in Zul’Drak

Mining Cobalt Ore

Compared to other minerals in the game, Cobalt Ore is not that easy to gather, and you kinda have to cover wide areas for it. On top of that, the zones where it can be found in Northrend aren’t that friendly, especially for the player that can’t fly in Northrend just yet. There are quire a few options for farming this mineral, but one of ... Read More »

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