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Draenor Mining Route: Nagrand


Even though I’m for the mining route in Talador, because the area offers better access, it doesn’t mean that other Draenor zones aren’t good for mining. Nagrand also has plenty of Blackrock Ore and True Iron Ore to be gathered, and here’s a good route for them. Requirements: Minimum level 98; Minimum mining skill 600; Gatherer or GatherMate addons (optional). Where to go: Fly to ... Read More »

Nagrand Engineering and Mining Route

Harvesting an Air Cloud in Nagrand

Nagrand is a zone where you can make a lot of gold, especially if you have Mining and Engineering. There is plenty of Adamantite Ore to collect here, and with the right Engineering tools you can harvest enough Primal Air to make some decent gold. So, here’s a short WoW gold guide for gathering two of the most valuable resources in Nagrand. Requirements: Minimum level ... Read More »

Nagrand Fishing Route for Primal Water

Pure Water Fishing

For some reasons, the price for one Primal Water has been very high for quite a while. Even on populated servers it typically exceeds 150g per one piece. Evidently, this should be a reason for you to have a trip to Nagrand and get some to sell. Pack your fishing pole because you’re going to need it, make sure you have at least 1 skill ... Read More »

Great TBC Skinning Spot For Knothide Leather

Talbuk Thorngrazer

If you have a skinner and don’t know what leather to gather, a good choice is always Knothide Leather. Even if the price for it is not that high all the time, Heavy Knothide Leather is most of the times pricey. One of the best spots for farming Knothide Leather is in Nagrand. To make it clear, we’re talking here about the TBC, old Nagrand, ... Read More »

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