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Isle of Thunder – Windwool Cloth and Transmog Gear Farming

Diremoor mobs

The following WoW gold farming spot is not far different from the Sra’Vess spot. In other words, you’ll basically get the same MoP loot. However, some of the green gear that can be obtained from these mobs sells for nice prices, as players want these weapons and armor for transmog. Requirements: Minimum level 90 character; AoE build / class; Potion of Luck. Where to go: ... Read More »

MoP Farming: Ruins of Guo-Lai


Especially now that the maximum WoW level has moved to 100, the Ruins of Guo-Lai in Vale of Eternal Blossoms has become a more viable gold farming spot. Back in the day, you kinda needed some decent gear to farm here properly.¬†Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to defeat those mobs with a lvl 100 character, thus more loot. Even though you won’t produce here 10’s of ... Read More »

Sra’Vess – LvL 90 Spot for Windwool Cloth and Mote of Harmony


With the 5.3 nerf of the Unga Ingoo spot, I’m pretty sure most players are looking for different spots to farm Windwool Cloth and Mote of Harmony. So, one of the best spots is at Sra’Vess, in western Townlong Steppes. Requirements: Minimum level 90; Tailoring skill 325; Northern Cloth Scavenging; 3 x Potion of Luck; AoE spec. Also, since the mobs hit quite hard, it’s ... Read More »

Best Spot To Farm Mote of Harmony

Unga Villagers

Spirits of Harmony are one of the bind on pickup materials that any crafter needs, in order to be able to craft end game, Pandaria items. In other words, any crafter has to farm their Mote of Harmony, combine them 10 by 10 to make Spirits of Harmony, and use them in their crafts. There are many places where you can farm Mote of Harmony, ... Read More »

Mote of Harmony Farming Spot

Warrior Fighting Sprites

Mote of Harmony is a resource required in most Mists of Pandaria crafts, and since it’s BoP, you’ll kinda have to farm it at some point with each of your characters that will need it for their crafts. There are quite a few nice Mote of Harmony farming spots in MoP. So, here’s one in Kun-Lai Summit, where you can also farm some decent WoW ... Read More »

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