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Tanaan Jungle Mining Route


Even though it’s possible now to fly in Draenor, Tanaan Jungle still is a difficult area for gatherers, as it’s packed with consistent amounts of nasty mobs all over the place. However, due to the fact that you can get Felblight from the resource nodes, this zone is a good place to gather stuff. For Mining, there are several areas that you should alternate to ... Read More »

Draenor Mining Route: Nagrand


Even though I’m for the mining route in Talador, because the area offers better access, it doesn’t mean that other Draenor zones aren’t good for mining. Nagrand also has plenty of Blackrock Ore and True Iron Ore to be gathered, and here’s a good route for them. Requirements: Minimum level 98; Minimum mining skill 600; Gatherer or GatherMate addons (optional). Where to go: Fly to ... Read More »

Talador – Blackrock and True Iron Ore Mining Spot


Especially if you have two crafting professions on a character, that require True Iron Ore and Blackrock Ore, your garrison mine just might not generate enough ore for your to pick up every day, for your orders and crafts. That’s why many players buy the extra amounts of ore that they need, from AH. Now, Draenor ore such as True Iron and Blackrock Ore, are ... Read More »

Obsidium Mining Route in Vashj’ir

Mining in Vashj'ir

Vashj’ir is a much better place nowadays to gather Obsidium Ore, as most players go to Mt. Hyjal for this mineral, and that might be a problem, especially if you play on a highly populated server. Since not many players like it under water, it’s a good chance you won’t have any competition here, when mining Obsidium. And for that, here’s one of the best ... Read More »

Sholazar Basin – Gathering Route for Mining and Engineering

Sholazar Basin Steam Cloud

Sholazar Basin is one of the Northrend zones where you can farm and gather plenty of stuff. But especially if you have Mining and Engineering as primary professions, you can make nice gold here, by gathering Saronite Ore and harvesting the Steam Clouds all over the area, for crystallized elements, to obtain Eternal Fire and Eternal Water. You will also obtain a fair amount of ... Read More »

Profits with Titansteel Bars

Crafting Titansteel Bars

Titansteel Bars are materials required for about 40 World of Warcraft items, such as the Mechano-Hog or Mekgineer’s Chopper, Jeeves, and various pieces of armor. Needless to say, there will always be a demand for these, even though players don’t need them as much as back in the days of WotLK. Now, even though you won’t gain a lot of profit by crafting and selling ... Read More »

Twilight Highlands Mining Route for Elementium and Pyrite

Twilight Highlands Mining

Since Elementium Ore and Pyrite Ore aren’t the top minerals in the game, players have stopped farming them intensively. Therefore, their average price has begun to slowly grow. Requirements: Minimum level 85; Mining: 525 skill; Minimum 280% flying speed and Azerothian flying; Mining pick; The Gatherer Addon (optional). Where to go: Use the portal to Twilight Highlands from Stormwind City (Alliance) to teleport to Highbank ... Read More »

Easy Profits With Dark Iron Bars

The Black Forge

Since not many players have or know how to get the skill to smelt Dark Iron and that’s why on most servers there’s a shortage of Dark Iron Bars on the market, most of the time. That means that you can easily create AH¬†monopoly on all Dark Iron Bars on your server, if you have this mining skill. Also, there are many nice pieces of ... Read More »

Badlands – Mithril Ore Mining Route


Even though you probably won’t make buckets of gold by mining Iron Ore or Mithril Ore and selling it, this route has to be here, because Mithril is quite an important mineral in some of the WoW crafts. So, whether you will farm it for yourself to boost your Engineering or Blacksmithing, or just to sell it in AH, here’s an excellent route for it ... Read More »

Low Level Mining Route: Tin Ore in Hillsbrad Foothills


Even though this isn’t exactly a method to make a lot of gold, it’s still a good gold making method for a low level character, especially if you don’t have any high levels on a particular server. Not only that Tin Ore is typically on high demand and you will be able to sell it fast, its price can spike sometimes and can even go ... Read More »

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