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Recipe Farming – Frost Oil

Bro'kin - Frost Oil Recipe

Buying and selling in AH limited supply reagents and recipes can be very profitable. Of course, not all the limited supply items sold by various merchants in WoW can be sold for huge prices. But some of them can bring you easy and quite substantial profits. One of these limited supply items is the Alchemy Recipe: Frost Oil. So, here’s a short guide on how ... Read More »

Recipe Farming: The Crusader Enchantment Formula

Scarlet Archmage

Recipe farming in WoW can bring you a lot of gold, if of course, you’re going after the right crafting recipes. And when it comes to expensive WoW recipes, the Crusader enchantment formula¬†stands high on that list. That’s because it’s rather rare, and people typically lose their patience when farming for it. So, here’s the place to farm this nice recipe, which usually sells for ... Read More »

Linen Cloth Farming Spot For Horde

Ghostlands Linen Cloth Farming Spot

If in the previous post I’ve put into view a Linen Cloth spot for Alliance players, here’s an equivalent one for Horde. It’s in Ghostlands, not exactly the common starter zone for most Horde races, but it’s quite a good spot. Requirements: Minimum level 15 Where to go: Teleport to Undercity in Tirisfal Glades, then fly to Tranquillien in Ghostlands. From there, go south-west, to ... Read More »

Linen Cloth Farming Spot For Alliance

Riverpaw Gnolls

If you’ve just started from scratch on a new server, and you can’t find anyone to help you with a gold transfer, farming Linen Cloth is an excellent choice. Sometimes a stack sells for over 50 gold. Now Linen Cloth, it’s obviously a resource that drops in low level areas. This being said, you pretty much won’t find a spot in a contested territory. So, ... Read More »

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