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Profits For Jewelcrafters: Necklace of the Deep

Jewelcrafter Trainer

One of the long forgotten, awesome items that can be crafted by jewelcrafters is Necklace of the Deep. This is quite an excellent piece of equipment for leveling, and will actually serve any Hunter, Rogue, Druid, Enhancement Shammy or Monk very well from level 65 to level 75, or even level 80. It’s an item that can provide you with quite a lot of Agility ... Read More »

Easy Way To Make Gold With Jewelcrafting

Aquamarine Signets

There are many things you can craft to make decent profits as a jewelcrafter. The Aquamarine Signet is one of them, and in this post I’ll say a thing or two on how to make gold by crafting and selling this ring. First of all, this is a very neat ring to have on a level 37-45 character. It’s a great ring to have on ... Read More »

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