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Isle of Giants – Zandalari Ship Farming Spot

Zandalari Dinomancers

Since nowadays the maximum character level is beyond level 90, farming on the mobs in Isle of Giants (Pandaria) is a lot easier. As the titles suggests, the spot and farming method that we’re going to cover here is the one on the Zandalari ship, docked to the SE of this island. We’ve actually mentioned it before in the Dinosaur Bone farm method in our ... Read More »

Isle of Giants – Dinosaur Bones Farming Spot


With the level cap moved from 90 to 100 in Warlords of Draenor, Isle of Giants has become quite a viable farming spot. All the tough elites on this island are now pretty easy to take down with any class. They all drop Giant Dinosaur Bones, and luckily, this currency can be sold at the Auction House. What’s so special about these bones? Well, with ... Read More »

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