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Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj – Transmog Run Part 2


For the first part of the Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj farm we have focused on the trash mobs at the entrance. The second part involves a different group of mobs within this raid instance, which have a chance to drop valuable gear, which the thrash at the entrance cannot drop. The requirements for this method are also slightly different than for the first part. So, here’s ... Read More »

Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj – Transmog Run Part 1


Transmog gear farming is not exactly the most viable method of gold farming in WoW due to two reasons: one, only about half the players care about cosmetics when it comes to their gear, and two, you really need luck to get a specific item and then some luck to actually sell it. But nonetheless, if you know what to farm and how to do ... Read More »

Blackrock Foundry – Heroic Trash Farming


The following gold farming method isn’t exactly an easy one due to various aspects, but mostly because you’re going to grind on heroic, level 100+ raid mobs, and evidently you will have to assemble (or join) a group. Also, it requires a little bit of luck. However, during an hour of farm, you should be able to score at least an epic item, which usually sells ... Read More »

Serpentshrine Cavern Pet Run

Tideskipper Battle Pet

Among the rare battle pets added in patch 5.3, the ones that drop in the Serpentshrine Caverns (SSC) should be on your farming list. That’s because they don’t exactly have a high drop rate, and their price is typically high. Here’s a short guide for what you have to do and which are the pets. Requirements: Minimum level 90; Where to go: Teleport to Shattrath ... Read More »

Gold Farming Method – Selling Raid Lockouts

Selfie With the Lich King

Almost each and every World of Warcraft raid final boss drops something cool to have, such as a mount, battle pet, transmog piece etc. However, clearing a whole raid instance is quite a tedious task for most players, and rather than doing that themselves, they would rather buy the lockout from someone, just to benefit from the great loot from the final boss. Therefore, selling ... Read More »

Instance Farming: Bastion of Twilight


Even though Grim Batol was and still is an excellent farming spot for Embersilk Cloth, since WoD was released Bastion of Twilight takes the cake for it. That’s because you can gather over 1,000 Embersilk in 20 minutes tops here, plus a lot of other valuable stuff. This farming method is simple. Here’s where you need to go, and what you should do. Requirements: Level ... Read More »

Temple of Ahn’Qiraj – Pet Farming


Many dungeons within the older WoW zones have bosses and mobs that can drop battle pets sought by players for their unique or strong battle abilities, or simply because they’re cool. Needless to say, these pets can be sold for nice amounts of gold. One of these old, Vanilla dungeons, is Temple of Ahn’Qiraj. There are 3 battle pets in this raid dungeon, and here’s ... Read More »

WoD Instance Farming: Dragon Soul


Update 6.1 This method of gold farming has been nerfed. You could get 70-100g per run, just raw gold from the mobs at the entrance in DS, before 6.1. Now it appears you can only get 30-35g from this trash per run, and a very small amount of greens and recipes. So, whomever wants to farm Cataclysm level items, plus Embersilk and gold, Bastion of ... Read More »

Vortex Pinnacle – Volatile Air Farming Method

Vortex Pinnacle Spot

Since level 85 isn’t the highest level anymore, and 5-man Cataclysm instances are now pretty much soloable, this makes The Vortex Pinnacle an excellent spot for farming Volatile Air. Even though you won’t make tons of gold here, this is an excellent (maybe the best) way to gather this crafting material, in case you need it for your professions, or simply to sell at AH. ... Read More »

Zul’Farrak (Tanaris) – Mageweave Cloth and Transmog Gear

Zul'Farrak Mobs That Drop Transmog Gear

Ever since Transmogrification was introduced in World of Warcraft, instance farming has improved. Especially at low level, there are many green, tradable armor sets with cool graphics, that players collect. Zul’Farrak is one of the instances where you can get quite a few cool item sets for Transmog, and you will also get tons of Mageweave Cloth. Requirements: Minimum level 65; AoE spec. Where to ... Read More »

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