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Low Level Herbalism: Briarthorn and Mageroyal Spot


With all the Heirlooms and XP boosts nowadays, players quickly go through the first 60 levels without spending too much in the low level zones of the game. Thus, low level resources such as Silver, Copper and Tin Ore, or Peacebloom, Earthroot, Mageroyal and Briarthorn, are sometimes hard to find in AH. Now, each alchemist requires at least 20-30 of one of the herbs mentioned ... Read More »

Recipe Farming – Frost Oil

Bro'kin - Frost Oil Recipe

Buying and selling in AH limited supply reagents and recipes can be very profitable. Of course, not all the limited supply items sold by various merchants in WoW can be sold for huge prices. But some of them can bring you easy and quite substantial profits. One of these limited supply items is the Alchemy Recipe: Frost Oil. So, here’s a short guide on how ... Read More »

Low Level Mining Route: Tin Ore in Hillsbrad Foothills


Even though this isn’t exactly a method to make a lot of gold, it’s still a good gold making method for a low level character, especially if you don’t have any high levels on a particular server. Not only that Tin Ore is typically on high demand and you will be able to sell it fast, its price can spike sometimes and can even go ... Read More »

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