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Vashj’ir Herbalism Route for Stormvine and Azshara’s Veil

Vashj'ir Herb Gathering

Herbs in the sunken world of Vashj’ir usually sell for higher prices than other herbs in the Cataclysm zones, because not many players like to hang around for too long under water. In general, most players who gather minerals in Vashj’ir, or herbs, are just passing through, getting their entry level Cataclysm XP. That’s also one of the main reasons why there’s a shortage of ... Read More »

Vanilla Herbalism Guide – Ghost Mushrooms

Ghost Mushrooms Featured Image

Although Ghost Mushrooms aren’t typically on high demand, not many players farm them. Therefore, there’s usually a shortage of these mushrooms, and most of the time you can set them for a high price. Back in the day, these shrooms were quite difficult to gather, and Maraudon was one of the best places. However, beginning with Cataclysm, a few other good spots for Ghost Mushrooms ... Read More »

Best Herbalism Spot For Stranglekelp

Thousand Needles Stranglekelp

Not many players like swimming or farming underwater, therefore resources that can be found only underwater are often highly priced. Stranglekelp is one of these resources. It grows only underwater, thus in many cases you can’t even find it in AH, especially on servers with less players. In case there’s a shortage of Stranglekelp on your server, you can easily score at least 1000g with ... Read More »

Herbalism Spot – Green Tea Leaf & Rain Poppy

Jade Forest Herbalism

Green Tea Leaf is one of the entry level herbs that can be gathered in Mists of Pandaria. It can basically be found all over Jade Forest. But since Jade Forest is a rather wide territory and there’s a lot of aggro here, and especially if you can’t fly in Pandaria yet, gathering here can be a pain. In case you need Green Tea Leaf ... Read More »

Hebalism Route for Lichbloom and Icethorn in Icecrown

Herbalism Icethorn

Although the flasks made from these herbs aren’t on such high demand these days, these herbs are still required in decent amounts for increasing Alchemy and Inscription. In case you’re planning to buy them from AH you might burn a hole into your WoW wallet, because prices for them are high nowadays. On the other hand, if you’re planning to farm them yourself, here’s a ... Read More »

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