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Deepholm – Heartblossom Gathering Method


Heartblossom is one of the most difficult Cataclysm herbs to farm, due to the fact that it has a really long respawn timer. That’s why in general, there’s a shortage of this herb on most servers, and lately its price has gone quite up. Demand for it has also increased, as it’s a reagent for Potion of Treasure Finding, and these potions are kind of ... Read More »

Low Level Herbalism: Briarthorn and Mageroyal Spot


With all the Heirlooms and XP boosts nowadays, players quickly go through the first 60 levels without spending too much in the low level zones of the game. Thus, low level resources such as Silver, Copper and Tin Ore, or Peacebloom, Earthroot, Mageroyal and Briarthorn, are sometimes hard to find in AH. Now, each alchemist requires at least 20-30 of one of the herbs mentioned ... Read More »

Herbalism Route for Snow Lily


Since most players are now in Draenor, very few gather any of the resources found in the zones of Pandaria. Therefore, prices for most resources gathered from the 85-90 zones is slowly going up. Snow Lily is one of the herbs found in Pandaria, and here’s a gathering route for it. Requirements: Minimum level 90; Minimum 550 Herbalism skill; Wisdom of the Four Winds (to ... Read More »

Herbalism: Gorgrond Flytrap Route


Gorgrond Flytrap is a herb required in both Leatherworking and Tailoring for the daily crafts of Burnished Leather and Hexweave Cloth. This makes it one of the most sought Draenic herbs by players who typically don’t have the Herbalism profession, or at least they don’t have this gathering profession on their leatherworker or tailor. Of course, just for your daily leather or cloth craft, you ... Read More »

Frostweed Herbalism Route in Frostfire Ridge


Forstweed is maybe the most important herb for alchemists, introduced with the Warlords of Draenor expansion. It’s required for placing Alchemy Orders in the Garrison Alchemy Lab, for Alchemical Catalysts, and other crafting reagents. That’s why currently is the most expensive herb that grows within the Draenor zones. And just like most herbs in these zones, it’s not that easy to collect, since you can’t ... Read More »

Twilight Highlands Herbalism Route

Gathering Twilight Jasmine

Cataclysm herbs slowly begin to increase in price, as not many players gather them anymore. Twilight Jasmine is one of the Cata herbs that typically sells for nice prices. Therefore, here’s a route for gathering Twilight Jasmine and Cinderbloom in Twilight Highlands. Requirements: Minimum level 85; Herbalism: 525 skill; Minimum 280% flying speed and Flight Master’s License; Gatherer Addon (optional). Where to go: Use the ... Read More »

Herbalism Route for Whiptail in Uldum

Whiptail Herb

Although some of the herbs that grow in the Cataclysm zones have pretty low prices, the price of Whiptail still stays quite up. That’s because Whiptail is a reagent for the level 85 Agility and Strength flasks, and many players still use those as they level up from 85 to 90. But more importantly Whiptail is a reagent for Potion of Treasure Finding, which is ... Read More »

Sorrowmoss Gathering Route in Swamp of Sorrows

Sorrowmoss Gathering

Even though there are loads of Sorrowmoss in Swamp of Sorrows, and this herb is quite easy to gather, very few people farm it. Its price usually stays rather high compared to other herbs. Therefore, here’s a short WoW guide to gather Sorrowmoss. Requirements: Minimum level 55; Herbalism: minimum 285 skill; At least epic ground mount. Where to go: If you play Horde, teleport to ... Read More »

Herb Gathering Route for Blindweed


Blindweed was the number one herb in Swamp of Sorrows prior to 4.0.1, but with the changes brought to the game in Cataclysm, its place was taken by Sorrowmoss in this area. Therefore, a good place to gather Blindweed is at Jademir Lake, in Feralas. Here’s a brief WoW gathering guide for this herb. Requirements: Minimum level 35; Herbalism: minimum level 235; At least normal ... Read More »

Herbalism: Semi-AFK Goldthorn Farming Method

Gathering Goldthorn in Desolace

Ever since Cataclysm was released, Goldthorn has become quite a scarce herb, due to various changes in the game. This herb is quite necessary for low level Alchemy skill ups, and many players would need at least two stacks to advance their skill in this profession. But since not many players gather it, and because it’s rather hard to find, the price for Goldthorn almost ... Read More »

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