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Hellfire Peninsula – Fel Iron Mining Route

Blood Elf Mining

At times, the price on Fel Iron Ore and Adamantite Ore can spike, reaching up to 150g / stack. Even though you can stash up this metal while it’s cheap, at AH, in order to sell it when the price rises, you can still make 100% of profit with it, if you gather it yourself. Here’s a good mining route for Fel Iron, in Hellfire ... Read More »

Instance Farming Spot – Hellfire Ramparts

Hellfire Ramparts Farming

Low level cloth scraps like Silk Cloth or Linen Cloth have increased in price lately, since most players spend much less time leveling up in the low areas. This post targets one of the best farming spots in the game for Runecloth. With character with nice AoEs ¬†such as a Death Knight or Mage, you should be able to clear the instance quickly and fill ... Read More »

Transmogrification Gear Farming Spot – Doom Lord Kazzak

Doom Lord Kazzak

There are quite a few outdoor bosses that you can easily farm nowadays with an 85+ character. One of them is Doom Lord Kazzak. In case you haven’t killed this boss so far, you should know that it drops BoE epic items. And not only these are great twink items to have, some of them have an awesome aspect and can be sold for 1000’s ... Read More »

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