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Legion Fishing and Cooking Gold Farming Method

Farondale pic

Although Fishing is a frowned upon WoW profession, with the arrival of Legion this trade skill can bring you a decent amount of gold, especially in conjunction with Cooking. The gold farming method that we’re going to put into view here involves both these secondary professions. Requirements: Minimum level 100; Fishing skill 1; Cooking skill 700; Recipe: Fighter Chow acquired; In case you don’t have ... Read More »

Tanaan Jungle Fishing: Profits With Felblight


With patch 6.2 live and kicking, gathering is back in business. If before this patch you could obtain just about any crafting material through your Garrison, now there’s a new type of material to be farmed, required for the high level crafted gear upgrades. This material is called Felblight, and can be obtained via Herbalism, Mining and Fishing. Therefore, here’s one of the best fishing ... Read More »

WoD: Fishing – Sea Scorpions


Most WoW players don’t like fishing, but at least for now, at the beginning of WoD, you can make some nice profits by fishing and selling certain fish, or fish parts. From all the fish introduced in Warlords of Draenor, Sea Scorpions are definitely some of the most used fish. Not only they can be cooked in certain foods, such as Steamed Scorpion (which grants ... Read More »

Tainted Forest Fishing – Sunscale and Whitescale Salmon

Blasted Lands Fishing

When it comes to leveling up Cooking from 275 to 300 skill, there aren’t too many options a player can choose from. In fact, Sunscale Salmon, Whitescale Salmon and Nightfin Snapper are the fish that you kinda need in order to get to 300 skill in Cooking. Other alternatives would be to farm Bear Flanks and cook Juicy Bear Burgers, but these will grey out ... Read More »

How To Make 5000+ Gold With Fishing

Skettis, Terokkar Forest

This is a luck-based WoW gold farming method, and if you are not lucky, it may turn out to be quite a waste of time. However, if you do happen to be lucky, and fish the right thing you can make over 5000 gold in a few minutes. I’m talking about fishing for Mr. Pinchy, a magical fish (or a magical crayfish, to be more ... Read More »

Best Fishing Spot for Glassfin Minnows


Ever since Timeless Isle was introduced, Elixirs of Water Walking sell like hot cakes, and for a lot of gold. Everyone needs them for the Evermaw encounter. Therefore, the fish required to make these elixirs – Glassfin Minnows – are also on high demand and can be sold for a lot of gold. Here’s a brief WoW guide on how to catch Glassfin Minnows. Requirements: ... Read More »

Fishing Spot – Giant Mantis Shrimp & Reef Octopus


Meat and fish that can be acquired from the zones of Pandaria are usually pricey because they aren’t that easy to gather and all of them are part of at least one recipe or quest with The Tillers faction. Reef Octopus and Giant Mantis Shrimp can be caught on the coasts of Jade Forest. And here’s a good spot to fish these up. Requirements: Minimum ... Read More »

Nagrand Fishing Route for Primal Water

Pure Water Fishing

For some reasons, the price for one Primal Water has been very high for quite a while. Even on populated servers it typically exceeds 150g per one piece. Evidently, this should be a reason for you to have a trip to Nagrand and get some to sell. Pack your fishing pole because you’re going to need it, make sure you have at least 1 skill ... Read More »

Low Level Fishing Spot for Deviate Fish

Wailing Caverns Fishing Spot

If you’re a fan of character appearance changes, you probably are aware that Deviate Delight is one of the foods that allows you to turn your toon into a ninja or a pirate. This food and the ingredients – Deviate Fish – still sell for nice money. On most high-pop servers, they sell for 5-7g per fish. Now, for a high level character, there are ... Read More »

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