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Deepholm: Embersilk and Hypnotic Dust Farming Spot

Verlok spot in Deepholm

The price of Hypnotic Dust has lately increased considerably, and that’s why it makes quite a great material to farm. There are quite several spots and methods to farm this Cataclysm dust, running Bastion of Twilight for the mobs at the entrance for example, or Grim Batol up to the first boss are two of them. However, there’s another spot where you can easily farm ... Read More »

Instance Farming: Bastion of Twilight


Even though Grim Batol was and still is an excellent farming spot for Embersilk Cloth, since WoD was released Bastion of Twilight takes the cake for it. That’s because you can gather over 1,000 Embersilk in 20 minutes tops here, plus a lot of other valuable stuff. This farming method is simple. Here’s where you need to go, and what you should do. Requirements: Level ... Read More »

Instance Farming: Grim Batol

Grim Batol Farming

Embersilk Cloth and Hypnotic Dust aren’t that easy to farm, since there aren’t many good spots for it. However, Grim Batol makes an exception. Now that this instance is soloable, you can get a lot of Embersilk here, as well as a whole bunch of green items for Hypnotic Dust, or simply to sell as transmogrification gear. Requirements: Minimum level 90; AoE spec; Tailoring skill ... Read More »

Tailoring: Profits With Otherworldly Bags


Almost any tailor in WoW will craft and sell Frostweave Bags or Embersilk Bags as main source of income. However, diversifying your offer is always profitable. So, by crafting and selling Otherworldly Bags, you can get quite some decent profits.  Requirements: Tailoring skill 480; The Pattern: Otherworldly Bag – taught by your Tailoring Trainer Materials: Bolt of Embersilk Cloth x 9 Hypnotic Dust x 8 ... Read More »

Embersilk Cloth Farming Spot

Restless Front Mobs

Embersilk Cloth is still a resource on quite a high demand, since Embersilk Bags are the most used bags at the moment, by the majority of level 90 players. That’s because you need to become exalted with The August Celestials in order to get the Pattern: Royal Satchel, and even if you have it, the bag requires 12 Imperial Silk pieces to craft, which aren’t ... Read More »

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