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WoD Profits With Blacksmithing


Warlords of Draenor has made Blacksmithing a very profitable profession, giving blacksmiths a wide array of weapons and armor to craft and sell for a lot of profits. The only downside of it, is that most Blacksmithing craftable items require Truesteel Ingots, which are difficult to get at a rate higher than 22 per day. But even so, every five days, you can craft something ... Read More »

3 Weapons To Craft And Sell For Transmogrifications

BLacksmithing Transmog Fel Iron Hatchet

Transmogrification equipment is something on high demand nowadays, as almost every player wants their character to look cool. And one of the most visible items that sure bring a lot to the coolness of a character, is the weapon. Unfortunately many blacksmiths whine that there’s nothing valuable for them to craft and that all the Blacksmithing crafts are too expensive. However, they never pay any ... Read More »

Blacksmithing – Crafting Eternal Belt Buckles for Profits

Dwarf Smith

Players that reach the 70-80 level range will surely want to upgrade any piece of armor if possible, especially if they play BGs. Eternal Belt Buckles are important gear mods, and only blacksmitsh can do them. Materials for these buckles are cheap, however they can be sold for over 200g a piece. Requirements: Blacksmithing skill 415; Anvil; Blacksmith hammer. The plans are taught by the ... Read More »

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