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Quick 2000 Gold With A Worgen Character

Gilnean Raven and Worgen Death Knight

If you already have a Worgen character, guess what? There’s a very quick way to score 1500-2000g or even more, depending on the server you play. That of course, if you haven’t cashed in your “2000g ticket” yet. So, let’s see how you can easily score a quick 2000g with a Worgen character. What to do: First of all, if you don’t have a Worgen ... Read More »

Celestial Tournament Guide

Master Li - Celestial Tournament Host

The Celestial Tournament on Timeless Isle is a single player weekly scenario, the one and only pet battle tournament (for now) in World of Warcraft. You can access it from Master Li, on Timeless Isle. During the Celestial Tournament a player is required to defeat 3 Master Pet Tamers (which vary from week to week) and 4 Elite Battle Pets, without using Revive Battle Pets ... Read More »

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