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Battle Pet Farming: Death Adder Hatchling

Imperial Python mob

The Death Adder Hatchling is still one of the expensive farmable pets today, simply because it requires quite a bit of luck to get it. But still, chances to get this pet can be increased if you know what to do. Therefore, whether you want this pet for your collection, or to sell it, here’s what you need to do: Requirements: Minimum level 90; TomTom ... Read More »

A 100% Safe Way To Transfer Gold From Server To Server

The Wrong Way to Transfer Gold

Many players get scammed every day, trying to transfer gold from their main server, to any other server where they need it. But that’s mainly because they use the most unsafe method: direct dual log gold transfer from character to character. Needless to say, if you find a player on a different server, and you begin transferring gold in specific amounts, one trade at the ... Read More »

Pets From Events: Midsummer Fire Festival

Spirit of Summer Pet

Almost each World of Warcraft event or in-game festival offers the possibility to get at least a few achievements and collectibles, such as transmog gear, toys or battle pets. Needless to say, some of this stuff can be sold for a lot of gold. Midsummer Fire Festival which just started today, comes with such an opportunity. I’m talking about the battle pets Spirit of Summer ... Read More »

Serpentshrine Cavern Pet Run

Tideskipper Battle Pet

Among the rare battle pets added in patch 5.3, the ones that drop in the Serpentshrine Caverns (SSC) should be on your farming list. That’s because they don’t exactly have a high drop rate, and their price is typically high. Here’s a short guide for what you have to do and which are the pets. Requirements: Minimum level 90; Where to go: Teleport to Shattrath ... Read More »

Profits To Be Made During Children’s Week

willy childrens week pet

Children’s Week is a WoW Event during which players should focus on giving back to the orphans of the Alliance and Horde war. This event gives you the opportunity to adopt an orphan child, and complete a series of quests for this NPC. Once you finish the quest chain, you will be able to choose a battle pet as your reward. Now, you can only ... Read More »

Isle of Giants – Dinosaur Bones Farming Spot


With the level cap moved from 90 to 100 in Warlords of Draenor, Isle of Giants has become quite a viable farming spot. All the tough elites on this island are now pretty easy to take down with any class. They all drop Giant Dinosaur Bones, and luckily, this currency can be sold at the Auction House. What’s so special about these bones? Well, with ... Read More »

WoW Gold Profits With Hallow’s End Battle Pets

Feline Familiar Battle Pet

The battle pets system released with Mists of Pandaria has opened a wide array of possibilities to make gold in WoW. That’s because there’s huge number of pets in the game, and of course, the rare ones sell for high prices. In the category of rare pets can be numbered the ones obtainable during WoW events and holidays, such as Day of the Dead, Midsummer ... Read More »

Temple of Ahn’Qiraj – Pet Farming


Many dungeons within the older WoW zones have bosses and mobs that can drop battle pets sought by players for their unique or strong battle abilities, or simply because they’re cool. Needless to say, these pets can be sold for nice amounts of gold. One of these old, Vanilla dungeons, is Temple of Ahn’Qiraj. There are 3 battle pets in this raid dungeon, and here’s ... Read More »

One of the Best Battle Pets Gold Farming Methods

Bloodknight Antari - Battle Pets Trainer

Most World of Warcraft players that have played and still play Pokemon, for sure enjoy to spend time with pet battles. Evidently, the more pets you have, the better pet combinations you can use, and the higher chances to defeat other players. This being said, you can make nice profits by selling the right pets. However, most players don’t want to spend time leveling pets, ... Read More »

Easy Farming – 3 Hatchlings to Farm and Sell

Dart's Nest - The Darting Hatchling

There are many battle pets in the game that can be farmed very easily, but very few players know where to look for them. Here’s a list of 3 hatchlings that don’t even require grinding on mobs, you just pick them up from various raptor nests. Although you won’t make buckets of gold with them, they still can be sold for 250-500g each, and it’s ... Read More »

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