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A 100% Safe Way To Transfer Gold From Server To Server

The Wrong Way to Transfer Gold

Many players get scammed every day, trying to transfer gold from their main server, to any other server where they need it. But that’s mainly because they use the most unsafe method: direct dual log gold transfer from character to character. Needless to say, if you find a player on a different server, and you begin transferring gold in specific amounts, one trade at the ... Read More »

Two Recipes Worth To Farm or Buy From the Auction House


For each crafting profession in WoW there are at least a few valuable recipes worth farming or investing in. Not all the players are aware of them though, and many of the players aware of their existance, don’t bother acquiring them. Two recipes of this sort are the Schematic: Craftsman’s Monocle and Plans: Felsteel Longblade. So, here are two short guides on how to farm ... Read More »

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