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Alchemy Profits: Primal Might

Blood Elf Girl Alchemist

Primal Might is a crafting material required for over 40 items, and even though the days of the Burning Crusade are long gone, there still is a demand for it. Many players want old TBC items as transmog gear, such as Dirge, Felsteel Longblade, Hammer of Righteous Might, or Hard Khorium Goggles. They all require Primal Might, and this reagent isn’t quite easy to get. ... Read More »

Alchemy Profits: Living Action Potions

Undead Crafting Alchemy Potions

Living Action Potions are some of the awesomest potions to use in battlegrounds, especially if it’s a BG involving flag stealing. The use of a Living Action Potion acts as a PVP tinket, removing all the stuns and movement impairing effects, also giving you immunity to stun and movement impairing effects for the next 3 seconds. That’s just enough time for a flag carrier to ... Read More »

Alchemy Guide – How To Make Profits With Earthsiege Diamonds

Alchemy Supplies

Just like the Skyflare Diamonds, these are also used for meta gems. The materials are also cheap. The requirements are:  Requirements: Alchemy skill 430; Transmute: Earthsiege Diamond (from trainer); Philosopher’s Stone. Materials: Eternal Fire x 1 Huge Citrine x 1 Dark Jade x 1 You can buy these for less than 40g usually, and the price for an uncut Skyflare Diamond goes for up to ... Read More »

How To Make Profits With Alchemy – Skyflare Diamonds

Alchemist Crafting

Crafting various items from cheap materials, and selling them, can be profitable. You can make a lot of gold this way with Alchemy, Enchanting, Jewelcrafting, Tailoring or basically any profession. This post focuses on one of the profitable items from Alchemy: Skyflare Diamonds. Since most alchemists focus on crafting Pandaria meta gems now, or the new WoD gems, usually there’s not too much competition for the WotLK ... Read More »

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