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Two Valuable Items To Get From Follower Missions

The Botani Stirr Follower Mission

Many players complain that when Warlods of Draenor was released, WoW became “WoWville”, and now you have to complete many daily tasks within your Garrison. But on the other hand, your Garrison is indeed a goldmine, as you can make 10s of thousands of gold weekly, in various ways, depending on the buildings you have. Follower missions are also an excellent source of gold. There ... Read More »

One of the Best Battle Pets Gold Farming Methods

Bloodknight Antari - Battle Pets Trainer

Most World of Warcraft players that have played and still play Pokemon, for sure enjoy to spend time with pet battles. Evidently, the more pets you have, the better pet combinations you can use, and the higher chances to defeat other players. This being said, you can make nice profits by selling the right pets. However, most players don’t want to spend time leveling pets, ... Read More »

Profits with Titansteel Bars

Crafting Titansteel Bars

Titansteel Bars are materials required for about 40 World of Warcraft items, such as the Mechano-Hog or Mekgineer’s Chopper, Jeeves, and various pieces of armor. Needless to say, there will always be a demand for these, even though players don’t need them as much as back in the days of WotLK. Now, even though you won’t gain a lot of profit by crafting and selling ... Read More »

AH Profits With Crafting Recipes Available From Vendors

Recipes To Sell At AH For Profits

There are many items that you can purchase from merchants, and sell in the Auction House for way more than their vendor price. Out of them all, it would seem that recipes, formulas and crafting plans are the best ot go after. Of course, not just any recipe is on the list of valuable items to sell in the Auction House, but some of them are. ... Read More »

Profitable Items To Flip At Auction House

Horde Orgrimmar Auction House

Auction House flipping can be a profitable game, but only if you know what and when to flip. To do that you must have quite a little bit of knowledge of the prices for as many items, resources, consumables etc, as possible, on the servers you play. Of course, you can always work with an AH addon for, however even so, you should never rely ... Read More »

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