WoD: Nagrand Skinning Spot for Raw Beast Hides

In Outland, Nagrand is the best zone to get Knothide Leather. Well, from the Draenor zones, Nagrand is once again, the top zone to put your Skinning skills to work, to make some gold.

Even though each zone has its share of beasts, which can be skinned, the ones in Nagrand, due to the fact that they’re level 98-99, they drop Raw Beast Hides, and not Raw Beast Hide Scraps. Also, most beasts in Nagrand drop valuable meats as well as Sumptuous Fur.

Therefore, here’s one of the best spots for Skinning in WoD – Nagrand.


  • Minimum level 97;
  • Minimum Skinning skill 600;
  • Skinning Knife;

Where to go:

Fly to Nagrand at Ring of Trials, and from there go a bit south, to about (85,63), near the area called Hallvalor.

WoD Nagrand Skinning Map

What to do:

Start grinding on the clefthoofs, talbuks and elekks, and skin them all. Avoid pulling the smaller ones, such as the Tenderhoof Meadowstomper, Breezestrider Colt, and Leatherhide Calves. They rarely drop anything, and cannot be skinned.

WoD Nagrand Skinning Spot

Keep an eye out for the pack of Nagrand Prowlers that runs around the area. They’re quite tough compared to the other mobs, and each mob in the pack will stun you. So, if you play a level 97-98 character, be careful when you pull them or avoid to aggro them when you fight other mobs. These wolves, as well as the Windroc birds can be skinned as well, for Raw Beast Hides.


After one hour spent here, I’ve got: Draenor Nagrand Skinning Loot

Raw Beast Hide x 222 = 900g / stack = 999g
Sumptuous Fur x 177 = 850g / stack = 752g
Raw Clefthoof Meat x 43 = 8g / each = 344g
Raw Talbuk Meat x 34 = 7g / each = 238g
Raw Elekk Meat x 10 = 10g / each = 100g
Green Item x 1 = 75g

Cash (after selling the trash loot): 189g

Total: 2697g in one hour.


You might get a better price on the hides and meats by selling them in full stacks. On most servers, it appears that resources sold in full stacks go for a higher price per unit, than if sold one by one, or in smaller stacks.

If you have cooking, you might consider crafting some foods out of the meats you get. For example Clefthoof Sausages or Hearty Elekk Steak foods, sell for up to 4 times the price for the meat.

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