WoD: Fishing – Sea Scorpions

Most WoW players don’t like fishing, but at least for now, at the beginning of WoD, you can make some nice profits by fishing and selling certain fish, or fish parts. From all the fish introduced in Warlords of Draenor, Sea Scorpions are definitely some of the most used fish. Not only they can be cooked in certain foods, such as Steamed Scorpion (which grants 112 stamina), Sea Scorpion Segments are required for Antiseptic Bandages, and they’re also required for Healing Tonic potions.

Now, Sea Scorpions can be caught basically anywhere in the coast waters of the Draenor zones, including Warspear and Stormshield. But to catch them in open water, and not in fish schools, require a high skill level in Fishing.

So, here’s a spot where you can find plenty of fish schools of Sea Scorpions, and also make a decent buck by catching and selling them.


  • Fishing skill 1;
  • Elixir of Water Walking (optional);
  • Find Fish (optional).

Where to go:

Fly to Nivek’s Overlook in southern Nagrand, and from there go to the shore, at Windroc Bay, around (50,78).

Sea Scorpions - Nagrand Map

What to do:

Start fishing in the Sea Scorpions Schools that pop by the beach at Windroc Bay. There should be about 20-25 of them. They spawn rather fast and you’ll basically always have at least 2-3 schools nearby, to catch only Sea Scorpions. You will be catching Enormous Sea Scorpions and Small Sea Scorpions as well. The first ones require only 5 to gut and clean for a Sea Scorpion Segment pile, while the small ones, require 20.

From time to time, you will get a Sea Scorpion Bait, which will increase your chances to catch Sea Scorpions. Although you will always be catching small, normal or enormous fish, since you’ll be fishing in schools, it appears that this bait increases the chances for you to catch enormous ones.

Nagrand - Sea Scorpions Spot


After fishing for one hour at Windroc Bay, I’ve got: WoD Sea Scorpion Segments

Sea Scorpion x 120
Small Sea Scorpion x 17
Enormous Sea Scorpion x 45

By “gutting and cleaning” these fish, I’ve got:

Sea Scorpion Segment x 465 = 800g/stack = 1860g


If you choose to sell these fish as they are and not their parts, sell the “normal” Sea Scorpions in stacks of 10, the enormous ones in stacks of 5, and the small ones in stacks of 20, the numbers required for one gutting.

In case you have the cooking recipes for these fish, before selling them, you might want to check the prices for those foods. Sometimes there aren’t any and you might get better profits by selling those foods instead of the fish, or parts.

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