Obsidium Mining Route in Vashj’ir

Vashj’ir is a much better place nowadays to gather Obsidium Ore, as most players go to Mt. Hyjal for this mineral, and that might be a problem, especially if you play on a highly populated server. Since not many players like it under water, it’s a good chance you won’t have any competition here, when mining Obsidium. And for that, here’s one of the best spots.


  • Minimum level 82;
  • Mining: minimum 425 skill;
  • Mining pick;
  • Sea Legs (the buff that allows you to breathe and move normally in Vashj’ir;
  • The Seahorse Mount;
  • The Gatherer Addon (optional).

Where to go:

Teleport to Vashj’ir, and take a sea horse ride to Silver Tide Hollow (49,40).

Vashj'ir Obsidium Route Map

What to do:

Start gathering all the Obsidium Ore that you can find, in the area marked on the map, simply circling the area. You should be able to complete a full run within 3-4 minutes. So, by the time you reach the place you have started, the Obsidium nodes should have spawned once more.


After only 30 minutes spent gathering Obsidium Ore in Vashj’ir, I’ve ended up with the following valuables: Vashj'ir Obsidium Loot

Obsidium Ore x 250 = 100g / stack = 1250g
Volatile Earth x 14 = 12g / each = 168g
Ocean Sapphire x 1 = 10g
Amber Jewel x 1 = 5g
Nightstone x 1 = 25g
Zephyrite x 1 = 5g
Hessonite x 1 = 25g
Jasper x 1 = 10g

TOTAL: 1498g after 30 min. of gathering.


This is kind of a 1-player spot. If you encounter other players gathering Obsidium here, it’s best to log out and check later.

Volatile Earth has slowly been increasing in price lately. I’ve seen prices of 35-40g per piece on a couple of servers. In case you don’t want to farm it, you can obtain 14-16 each day, by transmuting Living ElementsIN DEEPHOLM. Performing the transmutation in Deepholm, will 100% grant you Volatile Earth instead of any other Volatile element. This requires 15 x Volatile Life. But since Volatile Life is still 1-3g, you can make a bit of profit this way, if you have multiple alchemists.

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