Val’sharah Herb Gathering Route

Val’sharah is the main WoW Legion zone where you can gather Dreamleaf, being also one of the best zones to skill up Herbalism. In fact, if you’ve just started Legion with your herbalist character, this is the best zone to begin with.


  • Minimum character level 100;
  • Herbalism skill 700;
  • Gatherer addon (optional).

Where to go:

Fly to Lorlathil (54,72) in Val’sharah.

Val'sharah Herb Gathering Route - Map

What to do:

This herb gathering route is similar to the Azsuna mining route, as it also involves some mobs grinding. I usually start from Lorlathil, moving north towards Shala’nir (60,35), gathering all the Dreamleaf nodes in the way. As you move north, it’s best to follow the river between Andu’talah and Temple of Elune, as there are several herb nodes on its shore.

Once you’re at Shala’nir, get a few solid pulls of treants and vilepetals, AoE them down, thenVilepetal Rooter gather the herbs from them (or differently put, “skin” them for herbs). The treants don’t drop Dreamleaf all the time, but the Vilepetal Rooter mobs do. Therefore focus on them.

They actually have quite a decent drop rate for Dreamleaf and Yseralline Seed. You’ll get at least 1-2 of each from one Vilepetal.

One important aspect regarding these mobs though, is tagging. When you pull, it’s best to keep an eye out for other players, as they may tag your mobs before you do. Even if you can get the trash loot from them, you won’t be able to “herb skin” them, as the game will tell you they’re already tagged. So, at least for now, when you pull it’s best to avoid other players.

Now, you can remain here at Shala’nir and continue grinding on the mobs, hopping servers for fresh ones to avoid waiting for new spawns. But still, gathering herb nodes has its pluses. You can get quest items, and you can get extra mob spawns which drop 10-12 more herbs. Therefore, after a few pulls at Shala’nir, I move south-west towards Bradensbrook, pass through the Grove of Cenarius and return to Lorlathil to restart the route.


After one hour and about 5 extra minutes, I managed to get two stacks of Dreamleaf, plus one stack and more than a half of Yseralline Seeds, all these without any ranks in Dreamleaf gathering. Thus, if you have rank 3, you’ll definitely get maybe 50% more.

Dreamleaf x 419 = 12g / each = 5,028 Val'sharah Dreamleaf Loot
Yseralline Seed x 336 = 7g / each = 2,352g
Green Item x 4 = 50g / each = 200g

Cash (after selling the trash loot): 212g

Total: 7,792 gold


With the Travel Form speed buff from 7.1, it’s pretty obvious that a Feral Druid is the best class to gather herbs with. Not only you’ll move almost as fast as mounted, but you can also gather herbs without changing forms, which is extremely convenient.

If your character has at least on stun or any other CC talent (preferably AoE), learn that talent before starting your herb gathering operation. Most herb nodes have at least 1-2 monsters nearby, so it’s best to CC them, get the ore quickly, and then deal with them. This way other players won’t be able to steal your herb while you’re fighting the mobs, aspect that unfortunately happens pretty often.

Last but not least, enchanting your gloves with Enchant Gloves – Legion Herbalism is a good idea, as it will allow you to get your herb nodes faster, sometimes even if a monster is attacking you.

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