Twilight Highlands Herbalism Route

Cataclysm herbs slowly begin to increase in price, as not many players gather them anymore. Twilight Jasmine is one of the Cata herbs that typically sells for nice prices. Therefore, here’s a route for gathering Twilight Jasmine and Cinderbloom in Twilight Highlands.


  • Minimum level 85;
  • Herbalism: 525 skill;
  • Minimum 280% flying speed and Flight Master’s License;
  • Gatherer Addon (optional).

Where to go:

Use the portal to Twilight Highlands from Stormwind City (Alliance) to teleport to Highbank (80,75), or from Orgrimmar (Horde) to teleport to Dragonmaw Port (75,50).

Twilight Highlands Herbalism Route For Twilight Jasmine

What to do:

Start gathering Twilight Jasmine, following this route:

1. Start at the Twilight Shore, in front of Highbank, around (73,67);
2. Move West, into Highland Forest, and gather all the herbs you can find here. Don’t enter the Obsidian Forest, unless you want more Cinderbloom. Also look carefully on the area near the big purple crack here, the Devouring Breach (59,51), always 2-3 nodes here;
3. Move West, on that path that leads to Grim Batol (20,53), you should also find 2-3 nodes here;
4. Return the way you came, to the crossroads (30,50), and move North, on the path that leads to Wetlands;
5. Once you reach the border, turn back and move straight East, towards Thundermar (50,30), and gather all the herbs there;
6. Move further East, to the Black Breach (58,31), checking especially its edges;
7. Next, move South-East, following the “green path” on the map, towards Dragonmaw Port (75,50). On your way you can make a detour, up to the area around (67,27), always found there 1-2 herbs;
8. Finally, return to the shore, where you started and restart the course;

Of course, pick up all the Cinderbloom that you can find as well. It’s not much of it, but it’s a resource not throw away.

As a general idea, Twilight Jasmine grows on the green areas. However, following this route, you’ll be more effective, covering it better time. You’ll find 1-2 nodes around the Maw of Madness (48,14) and also West from Vermillon Redoubt around (21,17) but it’s not worth to go all over there.


After 1 hour of herb gathering in Twilight Highlands, during the rush hour of a populated server,
following this route, I got the following valuables: twilight-jasmine-loot

Twilight Jasmine x 206 = 80g/stack = 824g
Cinderbloom x 30 = 60g/stack = 90g
Volatile Life x 44 = 3g/each = 132g
Lifegiving Seed x 14 = 5g/each = 70g

TOTAL: 1116g


Don’t even think of coming to gather herbs or minerals in Twilight Highlands without at least a 280% flying skill. You need speed to be effective because you have a wide area to cover and the terrain is not very friendly, with plenty of aggro.

Just like the other herbs of Cataclysm, Twilight Jasmine mills into Ashen Pigments and Burning Embers. If you have Inscriptions, selling pigments or inks made from them might bring you better profit, so check the prices before selling the flowers as they are.

The general rule for gathering stands for this route as well. You’ll get more when there’s less competition. So, go for Twilight Jasmine early mornings or late evenings, during the week. In weekends competition will be harsh.

Also, it helps if you have all the quests in Twilight Highlands completed, or at least the quest chains for the southwestern area. You won’t be able to gather the herbs when you zone in, if you didn’t finish all the quests there. They will simply vanish from in front of you when you get close. However, I didn’t have the quests there done when I did this session, so this shouldn’t be very troubling.

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