Thorium Ore Mining Route – Silithus

If you need Thorium, to sell or raise Mining, Jewelcrafting or Blacksmithing skill, the best place to look for this mineral is Silithus. This is the zone where I got the most of it. Here’s the route that I’ve been following, whenever I need a couple of bags full of Thorium Ore.


  • Minimum level 60;
  • Mining: minimum 255 skill;
  • Mining pick;
  • Minimum 150% flying speed and Azerothian flying.

Where to go:

If you’re going to farm Thorium with a level 85+ plus toon, teleport to Orgrimmar or Stormwind City, use the portal to teleport at Ramkahen (56,34) in Uldum. From there take a flight to Cenarion Hold (54,34) in Silithus. Or, teleport to Orgrimmar, and fly to Cenarion Hold (54,34) if you’re Horde, or take the boat to Theramore Isle and from there fly to Cenarion Hold (54,34) in Silithus if you play Alliance.

Silithus Thorium Ore Mining Route

What to do:

Your main objective is to get as much Thorium Ore as possible.The route I usually follow is very simple. I do laps following the rocky edges of the zone. There are loads of small and rich Thorium Veins to gather here. Within 30 minutes I manage to complete 2 full laps, with a fast flying mount.

Before the Shattering the best places in Silithus to gather Thorium were the Silithid lairs. However, nowadays there aren’t so many mineral veins inside these insect lairs and you shouldn’t bother diving in any of them. Unless I see a mineral vein near a lair’s entrance, I stick to the normal route.

Loot: Silithus Mining Loot

After 30 minutes of mining in Silithus, following this route, I usually end up with an amount of minerals and gems similar to this:

Thorium Ore x 263 = 75g/stack = 986g
Truesilver Ore x 6 = 3g/each = 18g
Dense Stone x 329 = 2/stack = 32g
Star Ruby x 2 = 8g/each = 16g
Azerothian Diamond x 2 = 12g/each = 24g
Huge Emerald x 6 = 14g/each = 84g
Blue Sapphire x 1 = 2g
Arcane Crystal x 8 = 3g/each = 24g
Large Opal x 3 = 11g/each = 33g

TOTAL: 1219g in 30 minutes of mining.


If you want, you can inspect the Silithid bugs’ burrows in Silithus as well. Sometimes you can find Rich Thorium nodes near entrances. It’s worth the trouble if you don’t have to go too deep.

Before selling your Thorium ore, check the prices for bars. Sometimes the price for a stack of Thorium bars is much higher than a stack of ore, so in that case it would be a good idea to smelt it and sell the bars.

Also, check the prices for Arcanite bars. An Arcane Crystal and a Thorium bar combined make an Arcanite Bar. Sometimes the prices for these bars are high and you might make more money selling a part of these resources as Arcanite Bars.

If you have Jewelcrafting, you can use your prospecting skill on all the Thorium Ore you gather, and sell the crystals that you obtain. These can be: Huge Emeralds, Large Opals, Star Rubies, Blue Sapphires, Azerothian Diamonds and Arcane Crystals. Sometimes it’s much more profitable to sell the gems instead of the ore. For this, you need 250 skill points in Jewelcrafting.

Before going after Thorium at these spots in Silithus it’s important to check the AH prices. Don’t farm Thorium if the price for Thorium is lower than 40g/stack, or if the Azerothian Diamonds and Huge Emeralds are under 10g each.

Also Thorium prices, Azerothian Diamond and Huge Emeralds prices go up by the middle of the week, so that’s when you should come here and fill up your bags.

To diversify your loot, you can stop an kill some of the wind elementals in the northwestern corner of the zone near The Crystal Vale. You’ll get Essence of Air from them, which is quite a valuable reagent.

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