Tanaan Jungle – Withered Herbs Route

Just as any jungle zone in World of Warcraft,Tanaan Jungle is a great place to gather herbs. And not only that, each and every Withered Herb node can grant you a Felblight, which will add considerable value to your total loot, at the end of your gathering session. Tanaan Jungle is however, a pretty wide zone, but the herbs concentration varies from an area to another. Therefore, here’s a route that you should follow, in order to maximize your herb gathering in this zone.


  • Herbalism skill, minimum 600;
  • Character level 100;
  • Flying mount;
  • The Draenor Pathfinder achievement for the ability to fly in Draenor zones;
  • GatherMate2 addon (optional).

Where to go:

Teleport or fly to Tanaan Jungle in Draenor, at Lion’s Watch (59,56) or Vol’mar (62,47).

Tanaan Withered Herbs Map

What to do:

It would be a waste of time to cover the whole zone in search of herbs, as only some of the areas of Tanaan offer a high concentration. These areas are The Fel Forge, Ironhold Harbor, The Iron Front and Zeth’Gol. So, basically you should start at The Fel Forge, and Ironhold Harbor, then fly further west at Zeth’gol and finish by clearing The Iron Front area.

But before leaving The Iron Front to restart your cycle at The Fel Forge, there’s another area around (28,51), with quite a high density of Withered Herbs that you should visit. Therefore make sure you clear that too.

Although Zorammarsh is an area which sounds like it should have an abundance of herbs, there are only a few nodes here, and you won’t find 3-4 nodes close to each other like in the other mentioned areas. Therefore, only come here if herb gathering competition is high at that particular moment. This stands for The Felblight area as well.


After one hour of gathering, following this route, you should have at least 100 of each type of herb specific to Draenor, and a minimum of 9-10 Felblights. On my last session, I’ve got:

Talador Orchid x 125 = 2g / each = 250gWithered Herbs Loot
Nagrand Arrobloom x 80 = 1.5g / each = 120g
Fireweed x 92 = 1.2g / each = 110g
Starflower x 126 = 1.5g / each = 189g
Frostweed x 106 = 2g / each = 212g
Gorgrond Flytrap x 120 = 2g / each = 240g
Felblight x 10 = 130g / each = 1300g
Draenic Seeds x 286
Primal Spirit x 45

TOTAL: 2421 after one hour of gathering.


Having the Stables building at level 1 in your Garrison gives you the possibility to pick up herbs without dismounting. This is quite a plus if you don’t play a Druid with the Flight Form ability, as you will be able to get the herbs (works for ores too) before any aggro gets to you, and you will be able to fly away quickly from any aggro, without stopping to kill them.

Since Primal Spirits are currency for various stuff at your Garrison, you can exchange them for Savage Bloods or Sorcerous stuff, and get some extra gold.

Just as for the Tanaan Mining route, Fang’rila and Throne of Kil’jaeden are also good places for herbs. However, even if you play a well-geared character, you may waste a lot of time killing any elite mobs that you may aggro in these two places.

In case there’s too much competition on your server, you can always use the Premade Groups feature to move on a different server. In this case though, it’s best to choose groups named as “Fur Trader”, “Herb Trader” etc, as for these groups the leader is typically afk and in their Garrison, and the group remains for a longer period.

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