Tanaan Jungle Skinning – Raw Beast Hides and Felblight

To be clear, this is not the best Skinning spot in Draenor, and far from being an extraordinary gold farming spot. However, it’s one of the best skinning spots in Tanaan jungle, and also a place where you can get Felblight via skinning.


  • Level 100;
  • Minimum 600 Skinning skill.

Where to go:

Teleport to your faction’s outpost in Tanaan Jungle, fly to Vault of the Earth (47,70), then go west in to Zorammarsh.

Zorammarsh Skinning Spot - Map Location

What to do:

Swamp Pythons, Direwing Predators, Scaleclaw Lashtails, and Scaleclaw Devourers are your main targets. Hunt down each one of them, skin them all and loot everything they drop. Along with the Raw Beast Hides, you will get Felblight, Primal Spirits and some Sumptuous Fur.

Zorammarsh Skinning Spot

Avoid the Marsh Toads if possible. They can’t be skinned and they can be quite annoying.

The bats (Direwing Predators) also drop Smelly Musk Glands. Once you have 10, you can summon Rendrak (daily rare bat), which can drop some better loot when you kill it for the first time during the day. Needless to say, keep an eye out for other rares, and take them down as well if you see any. They drop Apexis Crystals, Fel-Corrupted Apexis Fragments (if you have the daily quest for them), Primal Spirits, pretty much what all the other Tanaan rares drop.


After one hour of skinning at Zorammarsh, I’ve got: Zorammarsh Skinning Loot

Raw Beast Hide x 352 = 1.50g / each = 528g
Felblight x 16 = 250g / each = 4000g
Sumptuous Fur x 34 = 1.5g / each = 51g
Green Item x 4 = 100g / each = 400g

Cash (after selling the BoP and trash loot): 177g

TOTAL: 5156g


It’s best if you come here with a ranged character, to be able to pull the bats easier.

Since rares are always a treat, addons like _NPCscan or RareScanner, which will notify you if there’s a rare up, are great to have here.

The Artillery Strike zone ability is also very useful to farm at this spot. It gives 3 charges from a very powerful AoE, each charge giving you the possibility of taking down a big pull of mobs almost instantly.

Evidently, if the area is crowded, use the Premade Groups to move on a lower population server, where it’s more likely to find all the mobs up.

For now the price for Felblight is still pretty decent. But it still continues to slowly decrease. So, in case it reaches a rate that’s simply not worth it, it’s a good idea to craft an item upgrade with the ones you get from here, which might get you a better overall price.

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