Tanaan Jungle Fishing: Profits With Felblight

With patch 6.2 live and kicking, gathering is back in business. If before this patch you could obtain just about any crafting material through your Garrison, now there’s a new type of material to be farmed, required for the high level crafted gear upgrades. This material is called Felblight, and can be obtained via Herbalism, Mining and Fishing.

Therefore, here’s one of the best fishing spots for Felmouth Frenzy schools, spot in which the water won’t hurt you, and in which you can get at least 20 Felblight per hour, along with Felmouth Frenzy fish.


  • Level 100;
  • Fishing skill lvl 1;
  • Anglers Fishing Raft (optional);
  • Find Fish skill (optional).

Where to go:

Fly to northwestern Tanaan Jungle, at Aktar’s Post (26,36), then go a bit west, a the small lake, at Ruins of Kra’nak, cca (17,42).

Best Tanaan Fishing Spot - Map Location

What to do:

You’ll find about 4-5 Felmouth Frenzy schools in the pond around the camp. Start fishing into them, for Felmouth Frezny fish. Along with them, from time to time you will also get a Felblight.

It’s very important that you fish exclusively into these schools of fish. That’s because even if you have 700 skill level in Fishing, plus several items that increase your skill, and also the Felmouth Frenzy Bait buff, you won’t be able to get Felblight by catching these fish in open water. Felblight can only be obtained by fishing in Felmouth Frenzy schools.

Tanaan Jungle Fishing Spot

Once the 4-5 schools of fish from your current server have been depleted, use the Premade Groups function to hop on a different realm. There’s a good chance to find all the schools of fish up on a different realm. So, proceed to finish them off, then leave group or move on a different server for more schools of fish.


Within one hour of fishing at this particular spot, I managed to get: Felblight Fishing - Loot

Felmouth Frenzy x 141 = 10g / each = 1410g
Felblight x 21 = 350g / each = 7350g

TOTAL: 8760g after one hour of fishing.


Evidently, these are the current average prices for Felblight and Felmouth at the moment, but these prices will slowly drop for the next few weeks. Eventually, the Felblight price will probably stabilize somewhere at 200g / piece.

To avoid getting weekly lockouts for certain world bosses in Tanaan Jungle, make sure you don’t join raid groups for these bosses. When changing servers it’s best to always pick a group for a Garrison merchant or NPC. Or at least a group that’s not meant for raiding.

You can also find Felmouth Frenzy schools in the “green water” in the middle of the map, all around Hellfire Citadel. However, this water is poisonous. Every step into this green water will get you a stack of Fel Sludge, and considerable damage. At 10 stacks of this buff you will instantly die, which is pretty much inconvenient. The spot and farming method described here, involve fishing in normal water. You’ll only have to deal with several mobs on the shore, in case you don’t have Anglers Fishing Raft, which allows you to fish from the water, away from aggro.


  1. Great guide man, made 35k last night just listening to music and farming these spots. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the tips! No wonder I was not catching anything. There is a better way to get to this pool though. Go to the Iron Front, then a little west and north is a path leading right to the pool.

  3. Thanks for this, once my pools run dry I hop into another server via groupfinder (usually something like rep farming groups). I’ve also once found 5 Felblight from one cast!

  4. i’ve been fishing there for a few hours now and im only getting around 10/h
    Does fishing lvl increase the drop rate?

    • I don’t think the Fishing level increases the drop rate. But sometimes you can get lucky and get 5x Felblight in one cast, instead of just one. And that really has nothing to do with fishing level, as I got 5x Felblight even on characters with like 20 skill in Fishing.

  5. they recently hotfixed Felblights & you can no longer get x5 at a time

    • I just nabbed a x5 Felblight last night actually, so I would guess that the drop rate has just been nerfed down quite a bit.

      In fact I think the Felblight drop rate as been brought down as a whole with fishing, as I can only average 10/hr, from either of the locations mentioned here. My average seems to remain fairly consistent between farming sessions.

  6. I’m just done fishing in the marked area, and it looks like the rate for catching felblight has been dropped signifficantly (or maybe I’m just having really crap luck) because in about 1.5 hour of fishing I only got 7 felblight (but on the upside, it only took me ~15 casts to get 5 felmouth lunkers and one cast oddly pulled up a blue sword, soulbound, rubbish for stats but looking good enough to maybe transmog onto my current weapon if I grow tired of the current mog on it).
    Also, I can just keep circling that marked route with my raft, by the time I fish out the last pool, I can grab two ore nodes and by the time I finish that second ore node, the pools are back.

    • Yes, Felblight drop has been decreased. Fishing is not that viable atm. Also, you can no longer get 5x Felblight in one cast, or from one ore/herb node. However, that’s still a good spot to get Felblight via fishing 😛

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