Tainted Forest Fishing – Sunscale and Whitescale Salmon

When it comes to leveling up Cooking from 275 to 300 skill, there aren’t too many options a player can choose from. In fact, Sunscale Salmon, Whitescale Salmon and Nightfin Snapper are the fish that you kinda need in order to get to 300 skill in Cooking. Other alternatives would be to farm Bear Flanks and cook Juicy Bear Burgers, but these will grey out at lvl 295.

The fish mentioned above though, can all be fished in the same spot, and with them you can get your 50 skill points in Cooking, from 250 to 300. Evidently, since not many players like fishing, these fish typically sell for a lot of gold. So, here’s a short WoW Fishing gold guide for these fish.


  • Minimum level 55;
  • Fishing: minimum 200 skill;
  • Fishing lures (Aquadynamic Fish Attractors or Glow Worms);
  • Fishing pole.

Where to go:

From Ironforge (Horde) or Stormwind (Alliance) use the portal and teleport to Blasted Lands. From there move South-West into the Tainted Forest and stop near the lake, at around (43,63).

Tainted Forest Fishing Map

What to do:

Start fishing anywhere on the lake, preferably near the cliffs so you don’t get any aggro. The most valuable fishes are the Sunscale Salmon, Whitescale Salmon and Nightfin Snapper.


There are 4 separate intervals when you can catch Sunscale Salmon and Nightfin Snapper.

– 6:00 – 12:00 – Both Nightfin Snappers and Sunscale Salmon;
– 12:00 – 18:00 – Sunscale Salmon only;
– 18:00 – 00:00 – Both Nightfin Snappers and Sunscale Salmon;
– 00:00 – 6:00 – Nightfin Snapper only;

To make it more clear, Nightfin Snapper has the highest drop rate from 00:00 – 6:00, but it cannot be caught between 12:00 – 18:00. On the other hand, Sunscale Salmon cannot be caught between 00:00 – 6:00, but drops quite well from 12:00 – 18:00.

The drop rate for Nightfin Snapper caught between 00:00 – 6:00 is similar to the drop rate for Sunscale Salmon caught between 12:00 – 18:00, around 45%. In the evening hours and morning hours when both these types of fish can be caught at the same time, the drop rate is drastically decreased, and the drop rate for Whitescale Salmon is increased. You’ll also catch Plated Armorfish during this time.

Since Raw Nightfin Snappers or Sunscale Salmons are the most important fish that can be caught here, you should either go fishing for these between 00:00 – 6:00 or 12:00 – 18:00, to have a “nice catch”.

Tainted Forest Fishing Spot


After 1 hour I got the following fish:Tainted Forest Fish Loot

Raw Sunscale Salmon x 105 = 150g/stack = 787g
Raw Whitescale Salmon x 98 = 90g/stack = 735g
Lightning Eel x 15 = 8g/each = 120g
Raw Redgill x 40 = 10g/stack = 40g
Green Item x 1 = 30g

TOTAL: 1712g after 1 hour of fishing.


There are only a few recipes in WoW for foods that grant you decent Cooking skill between 250 and 285. Two of the most accessible ones are Nightfin Soup and the Poached Sunscale Salmon. For the last 15 points in Cooking from 285 to 300, one of the best alternatives is Baked Salmon. The recipe is sold by Vivianna (46,41) in Feralas.

Both recipes – Nightfin Soup and Poached Sunscale Salmon became available from any Cooking trainer.

There usually aren’t any of these fishes at the Auction House and most of the time you have the power of the price. Also, even if you don’t sell your fish right away, because there may not be a player leveling their Cooking at any time, keep the price up. Eventually, someone that desires to skill up their Cooking without leaving the Auction House will buy them.

If you want to skill up Fishing and Cooking from 250 to 300, you’ll manage to do that in this spot in about an hour.

The same fish and the same drop rates can be found inside Stratholme: Service Gate. There are small puddles of green water inside each ziggurat guarded by one of the 3 bosses.

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