Sorrowmoss Gathering Route in Swamp of Sorrows

Even though there are loads of Sorrowmoss in Swamp of Sorrows, and this herb is quite easy to gather, very few people farm it. Its price usually stays rather high compared to other herbs. Therefore, here’s a short WoW guide to gather Sorrowmoss.


  • Minimum level 55;
  • Herbalism: minimum 285 skill;
  • At least epic ground mount.

Where to go:

If you play Horde, teleport to Orgrimmar, go through the portal found at the Cleft of Shadows and pass to Blasted Lands, and then follow the road into Swamp of Sorrows. Or, simply ask a mage to make you a portal to Stonard (47,55) in Swamp of Sorrows.

If you play Alliance, teleport to Stormwind City, then fly to Marshtide Watch (68,37), in Swamp of Sorrows.

Swamp of Sorrows Herb Map

What to do:

What you need to do is pretty simple. Start gathering all the Sorrowmoss and Golden Sansam that you can find. Sorrowmoss usually grows by the water and Golden Sansam near the trees. There are 3 major areas that you should cover in search of herbs, as you can see on the map. However, there are so many herbs here that you’ll see sometimes up to 5-6 nodes at one time on your radar and you’ll fill your bags quite quickly.

The zone has pretty nice accessibility, there aren’t any major obstacles besides the aggro that you might have to defeat if when you pick up the herbs. Therefore, you don’t even need a flying mount to gather herbs here quickly.


After only 30 minutes spent at this location, I got the following herbs:Sorrowmoss Herb Loot

Sorrowmoss x 163 = 100g/stack = 815g
Golden Sansam x 108 = 20g/stack = 108g

TOTAL: 923g after 30 minutes of gathering.


Coming to this area with a druid that already has the flight form you’ll considerably improve your gathering because you can get the herbs without changing your shape, remaining a bird all the time.

If you’re leveling a character and you’re also leveling up Herbalism on it, Swamp of Sorrows is a zone you DO NOT want to miss. Since there are so many herbs here, you’ll get loads of additional XP.

Sorrowmoss and Golden Sansam can be milled into Silvery and Sapphire Pigments with Inscriptions. Therefore, if the prices get too low for these herbs, you can mill them and sell the pigments or inks. Usually, these reagents sell pretty well.

However, never go for a herb gathering session here if the price for a stack of Sorrowmoss drops below 30g.

Also, if you’re in Swamp of Sorrows, you might as well grind on the Shifting Mireglob oozes. They have a chance to drop a battle pet – the Disgusting Oozeling – which sells for 3-4000g.

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