Skinning Spot for Borean Leather and Jormungar Scales

One of the best spots for skinning in Northrend is at Gimorak’s Den, in Storm Peaks. Not only that you will get plenty of Borean Leather here (no scraps), you will also get a few types of meat and Jormungar Scales, which sometimes can be sold for nice amounts of gold. So, here’s a short farming guide for this spot.


  • Minimum level 80;
  • Skinning: minimum 400 skill;
  • Skinning knife;
  • Flying mount;
  • AoE spec (optional);

Where to go:

Teleport to Dalaran then use your flying mount and go North-East into the Storm Peaks, to Gimorak’s Den (47,54).

Skinning Spot - Gimorak's Den Map

What to do:

Enter Gimorak’s Den and kill basically everything that moves there. The mobs are wolves and Jormungar worms, levels 79-80, all skinnable, so skin them all. Along with the Borean Leather, Jormungar Scales and Arctic Fur you will get by skinning these mobs, you will also get Worg Haunches, Worm Meat and Chilled Meat which sell pretty well.

Outside the cave there are also a few herds of rhinos, so if you see one or two near the entrance of the cave, kill them and skin them as well.

Skinning Spot - Gimorak's Den

The respawn rate is quite good, from instant to up to 2 minutes, so I usually grind only on the mobs at the entrance because there are more Jormungar worms. If I manage to clear the area, I go outside and kill a few packs of rhinos until the wolves and worms at the entrance of Gimorak’s Den respawn. If you go deeper inside the cave, you will find more wolves, but less worms and also the boss, Gimorak.

There are a few quests inside Gimorak’s Den, so it’s likely to find other players here, killing these mobs. If that happens, just ask them to loot their mobs so that you can skin them.

Loot: Skinning Spot - Gimorak's Den Loot

After 1 hour of killing and skinning the mobs in Gimorak’s Den I ended up with the following loot:

Borean Leather x 220 = 50g/stack = 550g
Jormungar Scales x 19 = 15g/each = 285g
Arctic Fur x 5 = 30g/each = 150g
Worg Haunch x 67 = 20g/stack = 67g
Worm Meat x 70 = 70g/stack = 245g
Chilled Meat x 40 = 10g/stack = 20g
Rhino Meat x 25 = 35g/stack = 43g
Green Item x 4 = 30g/each = 120g

Cash (after selling the trash loot): 71g

TOTAL: 1551g after one hour of hunting.


If you also have Leatherworking you can and you should craft 1-2 Jormungar Leg Armor enchantments, if you have the recipe. This is an enchantment any hunter, rogue or feral druid would want for their leggings when they reach the zones of Northrend. A Jormungar Leg Armor usually sells for up to 500g.

Also, if you have Leatherworking, check out the prices for Heavy Borean Leather. Sometimes it’s more profitable to craft and sell this material than just the raw Borean Leather.

I usually remain here until I have 24 scales, the amount for 2 Jormungar Leg Armor enchantments.

Another great spot to farm Jormungar Scales is at the Hibernal Cavern (56,64) in Storm Peaks. However, there aren’t that many beasts there to skin so you’ll end up with less meat and Borean Leather.

The Worg Haunches is for the Worg Tartare and Very Burnt Worg recipes, and also for the Blackened Worg Steak recipe. With this food you can track humanoids and is quite a nice food to use if you want to gank someone or just for outdoor PvP. I actually use this food when I participate to a fishing contest and keep an eye on the radar to see if an opposite faction player comes to attack me or if the next fishing school is taken.

With the meat at this spot gathered within one hour you can easily boost up your cooking from 400 to 450, and you can also maximize your skinning skill here.

If you play a hunter, one of the Jormungar worms in this cave is a must-have pet. They have ranged attacks, and a pretty unique AoE ability, which can be a lot of help if you’re AoE farming.

In case you’re after lower level leather, here’s another great TBC skinning spot for Knothide Leather.

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