Prismatic Scales & Exotic Leather Skinning Spot

This is an excellent spot for farming Exotic Leather and Prismatic Scales with a character lower than level 90. Plus, they also drop Turtle Meat, which is an ingredient for high agility foods, and sells for nice cash. Although you won’t be able to score so much leather as in a level 90 spot, this is good place to grind up your skinning skill up to 600.


  • Minimum level 87;
  • Skinning: minimum 525;
  • Skinning knife.

Where to go:

Teleport to Pandaria, and fly to Grassy Cline in Valley of the Four Winds. From there go a bit West to the small turtle pond (67,30) in the eastern part of the Pools of Purity.

Prismatic Scales & Exotic Leather Skinning Spot

What to do:

Start grinding on the Wyrmhorn Turtles there and skin them all for the Sha-Touched Leather, Exotic Leather and the Prismatic Scales that they drop. Like most of the mobs in Pandaria, these turtles also drop Mote of Harmony, although this spot was nerfed when it comes to these. The respawn rate has been reduced.

Pools of Purity Skinning Spot


Pools of Purity Skinning LootAfter one hour of skinning, playing a level 87 Beastmastery Hunter, I got:

Exotic Leather x157 = 50g/stack = 392g
Prismatic Scale x66 = 120g/stack = 396g
Turtle Meat x60 = 80g/stack = 240g
Green Item x4 = 50g/each = 200g
Mote of Harmony x10
Cash (after selling the trash loot) = 89g

Total: 1317 gold in one hour of skinning


This is not exactly the best skinning spot in Pandaria because half the leather is Sha-Touch Leather which has to be combined x5 to obtain an Exotic Leather, but if your skinner isn’t at lvl 90 yet, it’s not a bad spot to start with.

This is a great spot to raise your skinning skill, even up to 600, and you’ll get enough mats to get a couple of skills in Leatherworking.

It’s a good idea to stop at this spot for a skinning session during peak hours, because players that level up or grind reputation, have quests on these turtles and they will kill them for you. Also, there are players interested only in Mote of Harmony and they may also let you skin the turtles. However, this way you won’t get that much Raw Turtle Meat.

If you also have 550+ in Leatherworking, before selling the Exotic Hides, check out the price for Magnificent Hides. One Magnificent Hide costs 50 Exotic Leather to craft, but its price at AH may be double than the materials required.

Raw Turtle Meat not only that is an ingredient for end game foods, needed by cooks, it can also be used to complete certain quests with The Tillers faction, to receive Ironpaw Tokens. So far, the price for this meat is quite up.

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  1. I was looking for something good to farm. Hope I make more gold with this better then with my current farming routine, which is killing elemental mobs in Uldum… Thanks!

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