Sholazar Basin – Gathering Route for Mining and Engineering

Sholazar Basin is one of the Northrend zones where you can farm and gather plenty of stuff. But especially if you have Mining and Engineering as primary professions, you can make nice gold here, by gathering Saronite Ore and harvesting the Steam Clouds all over the area, for crystallized elements, to obtain Eternal Fire and Eternal Water. You will also obtain a fair amount of Eternal Earth and Eternal Shadow from the Saronite nodes.

So, in this post I’m going to point out one of the best routes that you can follow in Sholazar, for gathering minerals and crystallized elements.


  • Minimum level 75;
  • Mining: minimum 450 skill;
  • Engineering: 305 skill;
  • Zapthrottle Mote Extractor;
  • Epic flying mount;
  • Cold Weather Flying;
  • The Gatherer Addon (optional.

Where to go:

Teleport to Dalaran, then fly to River’s Heart (50,61) in Sholazar Basin.

What to do:

If you have Mining and Engineering, Sholazar Basin is a great place to go, to use these professions at maximum. There are plenty of Steam Clouds and Cinder Clouds to extract Crystallized Fire and Water, and there are also plenty of Saronite Ore deposits. Occasionally, you will find Titanium Ore as well, so it’s best to have 450 Mining skill.

The route that you need to follow is not very complicated. Since Steam and Cinder Clouds pop up basically at or around the same locations, I follow a route connecting these locations, also gathering every mineral that I find on my way. The map I enclosed here should speak for itself, but I will write here the locations that you need to hit, anyways.

  1. Start at the Savage Thicket (42,26). There’s always a Cinder Cloud there and 1-2 Saronite Ore.
  2. Next, go West, at around (36,30). There’s another cloud location.
  3. Follow the rocky cliffs of Sholazar Basin further South-West. Around (27,52) there’s another Steam Cloud spawn location.
  4. The next locations for possible Steam Clouds are close to one another, one’s a bit North-West from Kratak’s Hold, around (22,76) and the other, a bit South from the big skeleton on the map, around (28,72).
  5. Next stop is Wildgrowth Mangal (43,54) or a little bit North-East, to (49,47).
  6. Move a little bit South-East from River’s Heart, and check the location around (50,69).
  7. Go East, at (58,67), a bit North from Frenzyheart Hill. There’s a possible Steam Cloud spawn location an there should always be 1-2 Saronite Ore nodes.
  8. The next cloud spot is near Sapphire Hive, at (64,73).
  9. From there, follow the eastern side of Sholazar, up to the Sundered Shard (73,58).
  10. Move North-West, towards Rainspeaker Rapids (63,51), on the small island near the Avatar of Freya.
  11. Last stops before reaching the Savage Thicket once more, are around (59,42) and (54,40).

Sholazar Mining and Engineering Route Map


After 1 hour following this gathering route for Mining and Engineering in Sholazar Basin, I ended up with the following valuables:

Saronite Ore x 220 = 60g/stack = 660g Sholazar Mining Engineering Loot
Titanium Ore x 5 = 17g/each = 85g
Eternal Fire x 19 = 35g/each = 665g
Eternal Earth x 9 = 28g/each = 252g
Eternal Shadow x 6 = 25g/each = 300g
Eternal Water x 4 = 5g/each = 20g
Autum Glow x 1 = 10g
Bloodstone x 1 = 8g
Sun Crystal x 1 = 10g
Shadow Crystal x 2 = 14g/each = 28g
Huge Citrine x 3 = 10g/each = 30g
Chalcedony x 2 = 25g / each = 50g

TOTAL: 2118g after 1 hour of gathering.


Sholazar Basin is a great place to come and level up your Mining over 400. Took me less than an hour to achieve 450, following this route. Plus, you can come to Sholazar Basin at level 72-73 if you are skilled at avoiding the red and orange mobs.

The Zapthrottle Mote Extractor can be obtained by completing the quest “Zapthrottle Mote Extractor” in Zangarmarsh. The quest is given by K. Lee Smallfry (68,50) at Telredar for Alliance, and for Horde, by Mack Diver (33,55) at Zabra’Jin. To be able to accept this quest (if you haven’t done it yet), you need to have at least 305 engineering skill and to be minimum level 60.

Between the last 2 locations on this route, around (54,40) there are a few packs of mammoths. You can stop and kill them for the Chunk o’ Mammoth meat. A stack sells sometimes for up to 60-70g.

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