Gathering Guides

Low Level Fishing Spot for Deviate Fish

Wailing Caverns Fishing Spot

If you’re a fan of character appearance changes, you probably are aware that Deviate Delight is one of the foods that allows you to turn your toon into a ninja or a pirate. This food and the ingredients – Deviate Fish – still sell for nice money. On most high-pop servers, they sell for 5-7g per fish. Now, for a high level character, there are ... Read More »

Prismatic Scales & Exotic Leather Skinning Spot

Wyrmhorn Turtle

This is an excellent spot for farming Exotic Leather and Prismatic Scales with a character lower than level 90. Plus, they also drop Turtle Meat, which is an ingredient for high agility foods, and sells for nice cash. Although you won’t be able to score so much leather as in a level 90 spot, this is good place to grind up your skinning skill up ... Read More »

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