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Herbalism: Gorgrond Flytrap Route


Gorgrond Flytrap is a herb required in both Leatherworking and Tailoring for the daily crafts of Burnished Leather and Hexweave Cloth. This makes it one of the most sought Draenic herbs by players who typically don’t have the Herbalism profession, or at least they don’t have this gathering profession on their leatherworker or tailor. Of course, just for your daily leather or cloth craft, you ... Read More »

Frostweed Herbalism Route in Frostfire Ridge


Forstweed is maybe the most important herb for alchemists, introduced with the Warlords of Draenor expansion. It’s required for placing Alchemy Orders in the Garrison Alchemy Lab, for Alchemical Catalysts, and other crafting reagents. That’s why currently is the most expensive herb that grows within the Draenor zones. And just like most herbs in these zones, it’s not that easy to collect, since you can’t ... Read More »

WoD: Nagrand Skinning Spot for Raw Beast Hides


In Outland, Nagrand is the best zone to get Knothide Leather. Well, from the Draenor zones, Nagrand is once again, the top zone to put your Skinning skills to work, to make some gold. Even though each zone has its share of beasts, which can be skinned, the ones in Nagrand, due to the fact that they’re level 98-99, they drop Raw Beast Hides, and ... Read More »

Talador – Blackrock and True Iron Ore Mining Spot


Especially if you have two crafting professions on a character, that require True Iron Ore and Blackrock Ore, your garrison mine just might not generate enough ore for your to pick up every day, for your orders and crafts. That’s why many players buy the extra amounts of ore that they need, from AH. Now, Draenor ore such as True Iron and Blackrock Ore, are ... Read More »

WoD: Fishing – Sea Scorpions


Most WoW players don’t like fishing, but at least for now, at the beginning of WoD, you can make some nice profits by fishing and selling certain fish, or fish parts. From all the fish introduced in Warlords of Draenor, Sea Scorpions are definitely some of the most used fish. Not only they can be cooked in certain foods, such as Steamed Scorpion (which grants ... Read More »

Obsidium Mining Route in Vashj’ir

Mining in Vashj'ir

Vashj’ir is a much better place nowadays to gather Obsidium Ore, as most players go to Mt. Hyjal for this mineral, and that might be a problem, especially if you play on a highly populated server. Since not many players like it under water, it’s a good chance you won’t have any competition here, when mining Obsidium. And for that, here’s one of the best ... Read More »

Sholazar Basin – Gathering Route for Mining and Engineering

Sholazar Basin Steam Cloud

Sholazar Basin is one of the Northrend zones where you can farm and gather plenty of stuff. But especially if you have Mining and Engineering as primary professions, you can make nice gold here, by gathering Saronite Ore and harvesting the Steam Clouds all over the area, for crystallized elements, to obtain Eternal Fire and Eternal Water. You will also obtain a fair amount of ... Read More »

Twilight Highlands Herbalism Route

Gathering Twilight Jasmine

Cataclysm herbs slowly begin to increase in price, as not many players gather them anymore. Twilight Jasmine is one of the Cata herbs that typically sells for nice prices. Therefore, here’s a route for gathering Twilight Jasmine and Cinderbloom in Twilight Highlands. Requirements: Minimum level 85; Herbalism: 525 skill; Minimum 280% flying speed and Flight Master’s License; Gatherer Addon (optional). Where to go: Use the ... Read More »

Herbalism Route for Whiptail in Uldum

Whiptail Herb

Although some of the herbs that grow in the Cataclysm zones have pretty low prices, the price of Whiptail still stays quite up. That’s because Whiptail is a reagent for the level 85 Agility and Strength flasks, and many players still use those as they level up from 85 to 90. But more importantly Whiptail is a reagent for Potion of Treasure Finding, which is ... Read More »

Tainted Forest Fishing – Sunscale and Whitescale Salmon

Blasted Lands Fishing

When it comes to leveling up Cooking from 275 to 300 skill, there aren’t too many options a player can choose from. In fact, Sunscale Salmon, Whitescale Salmon and Nightfin Snapper are the fish that you kinda need in order to get to 300 skill in Cooking. Other alternatives would be to farm Bear Flanks and cook Juicy Bear Burgers, but these will grey out ... Read More »

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