Nagrand Fishing Route for Primal Water

For some reasons, the price for one Primal Water has been very high for quite a while. Even on populated servers it typically exceeds 150g per one piece. Evidently, this should be a reason for you to have a trip to Nagrand and get some to sell. Pack your fishing pole because you’re going to need it, make sure you have at least 1 skill point in fishing and fly to the Throne of Elements¬†in northern, TBC Nagrand.

You’ll find all the details on what to do in the paragraphs below.


  • Minimum level 70;
  • Fishing: minimum 1 skill;
  • Fishing Pole;
  • Flying mount;
  • The “Find Fish” skill (optional).

Where to go:

Teleport to Shattrath City and from there fly West into Nagrand, or take a flight to Garadar (Horde) or Telaar (Alliance). From your faction’s camp, fly north-east to the Elemental Plateau (61,15).

Or, use the portal from Stormwind City or Orgrimmar to teleport to Blasted Lands, go through the Dark Portal in Hellfire Peninsula, and from there fly to Garadar (Horde) or Telaar (Alliance). From your faction’s camp, fly north-east to the Elemental Plateau (61,15).

Nagrand Fishing Route for Primal Water

What to do:

Start fishing in the Pure Water pools up at the Elemental Plateau, and get all the Motes of Water that you can. You will also get Curious Crates and Inscribed Scrollcases from the Pure Water pools. Once you finish with all the Pure Water pools up at the Elemental Plateau, move a bit south-west to to Skysong Lake (58,28) and get all the Pure Water pools there. Next, follow the water canals that begin near Garadar, towards Halaa.

Pure Water Pool

You will find 1-2 Pure Water Pools there as well. And your last stop of your fishing route should be Lake Sunspring (33,50). Once you clear the Pure Water pools at Lake Sunspring, return to Elemental Plateau and repeat. You can also grind on the Crashing Wave-Spirits at the Elemental Plateau, Skysong and Sunspring Lakes, they also drop Motes of Water and Essence of Water.

Nagrand Fishing Spot

Now, it’s important to know that except for the Elemental Plateau spot, where only Pure Water can spawn, in the rest of Nagrand, instead of a Pure Water pool can always spawn a Mudfish School or a Bluefish School. So, if you run out of Pure Water pools, clear out a couple of Mudfish and Bluefish Schools, and Pure Water will respawn once more at Skysong and Sunspring Lake.

Loot:Nagrand Primal Water Loot

After 1 hour of fishing Motes of Water in Nagrand, I have ended up with the following valuable loot:

Primal Water x 9 = 150g/each = 1350g
Mote of Water x 5 = 10g/each = 50g
Essence of Water x 4 = 25g/each = 100g
Fel Iron x 12 = 70g/stack = 42g
Green Item x 3 = 15g/each = 45g

Total: 1587g after one hour of fishing.


While you’re at the Throne of Elements, you can also clear the wind elementals a bit to the east from the spot with the water elementals. They drop Motes of Air, and Primal Air (obtained by combining 10 Motes of Air) is also expensive.

The “Find Fish” ability can be very useful for this because it helps you see the fish and Pure Water pools on your radar. If you don’t have it, there’s a chance you might find it in one of the Curious Crates or Inscribed Scrollcases you will get here. You should be looking for a Weather-Beaten Journal in one of the crates or scrollcases. This item teaches you the “Find Fish” skill

Primal Water is a reagent required for the crafting of 62 items, and some of these items have a very cool design, so players craft them for transmogrifications. Therefore, there’s always a demand for Primal Water, and since not many players farm it, the its price is always high. I’ve checked it on several populated servers, and the lowest was 150g.

Fishing for Motes of Water is a profitable way to increase your Fishing skill.

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