Nagrand Engineering and Mining Route

Nagrand is a zone where you can make a lot of gold, especially if you have Mining and Engineering. There is plenty of Adamantite Ore to collect here, and with the right Engineering tools you can harvest enough Primal Air to make some decent gold. So, here’s a short WoW gold guide for gathering two of the most valuable resources in Nagrand.


  • Minimum level 70;
  • Epic flying mount;
  • Mining: minimum 375 skill;
  • Engineering: minimum 305 skill;
  • Zapthrottle Mote Extractor;
  • The Gatherer Addon (optional).

Where to go:

Teleport to Shattrath City (30,22), in Terokkar Forest then fly West, to Nagrand.

What to do:

Once in Nagrand, your objective is to gather as much Adamantite, Fel Iron, Khorium Ore and Mote of Air from the Windy Clouds, as fast as you can. I usually follow this route:

Nagrand Engineering and Mining Route

1) I start at the Halaani Basin, checking both the ogre caves at the Northwind Cleft and Southwind Cleft, gathering all the minerals here. Keep an eye out, you might find opposite faction players here, because these caves are quite known as rich deposits of minerals.

2) Next, I move North-East at the Laughing Skull Ruins, following the northern side of Nagrand, to Skysong Lake (58,28). There are 1-2 possibleAdamantite nodes on the bottom of this lake.

3) Stop at Ring of Trials (66,56), there should be 1-2 Windy Clouds around this spot.

4) The fourth stop is the ogre cave at Burning Blade Ruins (76,62). Found Khorium here many times.

5) Follow the eastern border of Nagrand, South and check the Kil’sorrow Fortress (70,80). There are two possible mineral nodes at this location.

6) Move West, to Oshu’gun, checking the southern border of Nagrand carefully, you’ll find a few mineral nodes on your way. At Oshu’gun (36,70), look especially for Windy Clouds, there are 2-3 spots where you will find clouds for Mote of Air here.

7) Next stop is Twilight Ridge (9,40), you can’t reach this place without a flying mount, so not many players visit this place for minerals. Therefore, I always find 1-2 nodes up there.

8) Now, you can fly and check the ogre caves at Warmaul Hill (28,24) but these cave aren’t that accessible as the ones at the Halaani Basin so I usually skip this location and move directly to Lake Sunspring (33,49). There are 2-3 possible Adamantite nodes on the bottom of this lake.

9) Finally, I move once more to the Halaani Basin and restart my cycle.

A complete cycle usually takes me 20 min. By the time you reach Halaani Basin again, the mineral nodes here should be up once more.

Nagrand Mining and Engineering Spot

Loot: Nagrand Mining and Engineering Loot

After 1 hour of gathering following this mining-engineering route, I usually end up with the following valuables:

Adamantite Ore x 165 = 90g/stack = 742g
Fel Iron Ore x 51 = 60g/stack = 153g
Khorium Ore x 10 = 10g/each = 100g
Eternium Ore x 65 = 50g/stack = 162g
Primal Fire x 1 = 12g
Primal Earth x 10 = 6g/each = 60g
Primal Air x 6 = 150g/each = 900g
Blood Garnet x 1 = 20g
Deep Peridot x 1 = 8g
Azure Moonstone x 1 = 23g

TOTAL: 2180g in one hour of gathering.


Nagrand is a very popular zone for Adamantite ore, most players come here to gather this mineral, so it’s likely to have competition at least for this mineral. That’s why I choose the morning hours to come here for a mining session, to make sure there aren’t any other players mining.

Before selling the ore, always check the prices for bars, because sometimes bars are more expensive.

Also, the Hardened Adamantite the you smelt can be much more profitable to sell then the pure ore. In this case the price the 1 x Hardened Adamantite Bar was 100g.

The Zapthrottle Mote Extractor can be obtained by completing the quest “Zapthrottle Mote Extractor” in Zangarmarsh. The quest is given by K. Lee Smallfry (68,50) at Telredor for Alliance, and for Horde, by Mack Diver (33,55) at Zabra’Jin. To be able to accept this quest (if you haven’t done it yet), you need to have at least 305 engineering skill and to be minimum level 60.

You can get much more than 6 Primal Air in one hour following this route, but at the time I got this, I had quite some competition on it. Also, nowadays Primal Air prices can go as up as 250g each.

Usually, when I gather resources following this route, I sell half of the Adamantite as ore, and half as bars.

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