Mining Route for Obsidium Ore in Mt. Hyjal

If back in the days of Cataclysm, the price for Obsidium Ore was low, under 10g per stack, nowadays in the Mists of Pandaria era, since not many gather it anymore, you can sell it for up to 120-150g per stack. And it’s rather easy to gather, because the competition is low. Plus, many players have started skilling up one or two blacksmiths, for the new “Reborn” weapons or Timless Isle items. Therefore, Obsidium Ore is something to farm and sell. Here’s a nice guide for Obsidium Ore in Mt. Hyjal.


  • Minimum level 80;
  • Mining: minimum 425 skill;
  • Minimum 280% flying speed and Azerothian flying;
  • Mining pick;
  • The Gatherer Addon (optional).

Where to go:

Teleport to Sormwind (Alliance) or to Orgrimmar (Horde) and use the portal to Mt. Hyjal to teleport to Nordrassil (63,23). From there fly West, to Gar’gol’s Hovel (27,36).

Hyjal Mining Route

What to do:

Start gathering all the Obsidium Ore that you can find, following this route (see map above):

  1. Start at Gar’gol’s Hovel (27,36) checking outside and inside the ogre cave;
  2. Go further West to The Inferno (11,39) and gather all the Obsidium there;
  3. Move South, then follow the road East, checking the shores of the Ashen Lake;
  4. Turn South at the Flamewake (34,59) and go to Sethria’s Roost around (31,78);
  5. Return at the Flamewake (34,59) and keep gathering ore, flying East, to the Scorched Plain (52,52);
  6. At the Scorched Plain, turn South, go to the Throne of Flame (55,70). But check only its eastern side. Never found ore on the western shores here;
  7. Next, move to Ascendant’s Rise (61,79), check the area there and then follow the road East;
  8. At the crossroads (75,60) in Darkwhisper Gorge, turn West, and once more go to the Scorched Plain.
  9. Keep going West, pass through the Flamewake once more and then fly North, to Gar’gol’s Hovel, to restart the route;

Loot: Hyjal Mining Loot

After 1 hour of mining in Mt. Hyjal, following this route, I got the following loot:

Obsidium Ore x 214 = 90g/stack = 1070g
Zephyrite x 3 = 11g/each = 33g
Jasper x 1 = 14g
Hessonite x 1 = 9g
Volatile Earth x 6 = 10g/each = 60g
Ocean Sapphire x 1 = 15g

TOTAL: 1201g after 1 hour of mining.


Obsidium is a mineral on high demand most of the time. However, if the price for a stack falls under 30g, it’s not worth farming.

If you have a skilled jewelcrafter, you can prospect it for: Hessonite, Zephyrite, Jaspers, Carnelians, Alicite and Nightstones. The drop rate for blue gems is much lower than from Elementium. However, there are higher chances to get 2 green gems from 5 Obsidium ore. And sometimes these gems can be more expensive than the ore.

Before auctioning the ore, check the prices for Obsidium bars. By smelting this mineral and selling the bars, you might get higher profits.

At Throne of Flame, you can stop and fish in the Pools of Fire for Volatile Fire. Sometimes the price for this resource is 10-15g / piece.

If you want to mine Obsidium and Elementium Ore at the same time, Deepholm would be a better choice. However, I didn’t describe a mining route in Deepholm because the competition there is quite harsh, there are a bit more minerals but sometimes one of these two, Elementium or Obsidium, is quite cheap compared to the other, and you’ll waste time farming only one valuable mineral. That’s why I either go for Obsidium in Hyjal, or for Elementium in Twilight Highlands.

Having all the quests in Hyjal completed it also helps. You won’t have the “zone-in” effect when you pass into certain areas and also get extra minerals form those areas which, if you don’t have the quests completed, just disappear from your radar and from in front of you.

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