Low Level Fishing Spot for Deviate Fish

If you’re a fan of character appearance changes, you probably are aware that Deviate Delight is one of the foods that allows you to turn your toon into a ninja or a pirate. This food and the ingredients – Deviate Fish – still sell for nice money. On most high-pop servers, they sell for 5-7g per fish. Now, for a high level character, there are better ways to make gold, but in case you’re new on a server, Deviate Fish can be a quick way to pack a couple of thousands.


  • Minimum level 35;
  • Fishing: minimum 50 skill;
  • Lures (Nightcrawlers, Bright Baubles, Aquadynamic Fish Attractors);
  • Fishing pole.

Where to go:

For Horde is way much easier to get to the spot. Teleport to Orgrimmar, then fly to The Crossroads (52,27) in The Barrens. Go South-West from The Crossroads and enter The Wailing Caverns, at (46,36).

For Alliance it’s a bit harder to get there. Teleport to Ironforge, and fly to Menethil Harbor (10,60) in Wetlands. Take the boat to Theramore Isle (68,53) in Dustwallow Marsh and from here fly to Ratchet (63,37), in the Barrens. Go West to Wailing Caverns and enter the cave at (46,36).

Fishing Spot for Deviate Fish Map

Inside the instance, the best spot to fish is in the Dreamer’s Rock, the northern chamber, where Naralex is sleeping, because there are no mobs there.

Wailing Caverns Map

Naralex Chamber Fishing Spot

What to do:

Start fishing in Naralex’s chamber and be sharp, not to miss any of the bites.

There are no Deviate Fish Schools inside the instance so just fish in any fishable water. The drop rate is much better than outside, even if there are some fish schools at the oases in The Barrens.

The drop rate for Deviate Fish inside the Wailing Caverns is about 30%. If you come here with only a level 1 skill in Fishing, lures are quite necessary. Since Deviate Fish are quite valuable, it’s quite a lucrative way to skill up this profession here.

Wailing Caverns Fishing Spot LootLoot:

After one hour here, I got the following valuable fish:

Deviate Fish x80 = 50g/stack = 200g
Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish x54 = 8g/stack = 21g
Raw Longjaw Mud Snaper x100 = 2g/stack = 10g
17 Pound Catfish x1 = 9g
19 Pound Catfish x1 = 9g

TOTAL: 249 gold in one hour of fishing


I recommend to go after Deviate Fish when there’s a total lack at AH. This way you can sell them for at least 50-60g per stack which will bring you quite some profits.

If you have the Savory Deviate Delight cooking recipe, you can also sell them cooked, in stacks of 5-10. This way, a wider range of players will buy them (the non-cooks and the role players).

While you’re inside Wailing Caverns, you might as well kill all the raptors, starting from the entrance, up to Naralex’s chamber. They drop the Deviate Hatchling, which can be sold for at least 500-600g.

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