Best Light and Medium Leather Skinning Spot

Although I have labelled this spot as the best spot for skinning Medium Leather and Light Leather, this is much more than a farming spot for leather. You will also get here tons of Wool Cloth and Linen Cloth, green transmog items and other useful stuff. Here’s where you have to go, and what to do.


  • Minimum level 50;
  • Skinning: minimum 75 skill;
  • Skinning knife.

Where to go:

If you play Alliance, from Stormwind City or Ironforge, fly to Greenwarden’s Grove in Wetlands. From there, go a bit east, to The Green Belt (68,46).

For Horde is a bit trickier to get here, since Wetlands is an Alliance zone. You will have to fly to Hammerfall in Arathi Highlands, and from there go southwest into Wetlands. Or, if you play a lvl 85+ character, you can use the portal from Orgrimmar to teleport to Twilight Highlands, and from there, use your mount and fly The Green Belt (68,46) in Wetlands.

Wetlands Skinning Map

What to do:

At the mentioned location – (68,46) – you will find a bunch of Dragonmaw Whelpstealer orcs, fighting Ebon Slavehunter dragonkin, as shown in the screenshot below. Simply go to the point on the road where most of the dragonkin stop to fight the orcs, and continuously AoE them down. The spawn is almost instant, so you won’t have to wait for mobs, that’s why it’s best to keep your AoE running until you end up with a huge pile of dead dragonkin and orcs. Then simply loot, and start skinning the dragonkin.

Green Belt Skinning Spot


After 30 minutes of grinding at this spot, I ended up with the following valuables:

Medium Leather x 116 = 80g / stack = 464g
Light Leather x 141 = 50g / stack = 352g
Medium Hide x 24 = 40g / stack = 96g
Light Hide x 17 = 17g / stack = 68g
Wool Cloth x 217 = 30g / stack = 325g
Silk Cloth x 20 = 40g / stack = 40g
Linen Cloth x 160 = 20g / stack = 160g
Green Item x 8 = 200g
Blue Item x 1 = 90g

Cash (after selling the trash loot): 4g

TOTAL: 1799g after 30 minutes of farming / skinning.

Green Belt Skinning Loot


The dragonkin and the orcs here also have a small chance of dropping the Tiny Crimson Whelpling, which is quite a rare pet. This pet sells for over 5000g.

The Ebon Whelps that fly around in the area, also have a chance to drop the Tiny Crimson Whelpling, but can also drop the Dark Whelpling, which sells for 2-300g, or even more.

And speaking about pets, there’s a small cave not far from the Green Belt spot, a bit north at the Raptor Ridge (69,36), where you can find a raptor’s nest and in it another rare pet, the Razormaw Hatchling, which also sells for 100-200g.

If you’re planning to farm at this spot for a longer period, you should bring some sort of merchant with you, like Jeeves or a Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth, to sell the junk. The mobs also drop pretty much grey items, so it’s easier to sell them than to destroy them.

The mobs also drop Black Whelp Scales, but there’s very low demand for these, therefore you can vendor them too.

Although this spot has been around for a while now, it’s already known as an awesom farming spot, due to the instant spawn. There’s a good chance it will be nerfed sooner or later.

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