How To Make 5000+ Gold With Fishing

This is a luck-based WoW gold farming method, and if you are not lucky, it may turn out to be quite a waste of time. However, if you do happen to be lucky, and fish the right thing you can make over 5000 gold in a few minutes. I’m talking about fishing for Mr. Pinchy, a magical fish (or a magical crayfish, to be more specific), that can grant you 3 wishes. Isn’t that cool?

Well, it’s not exactly what you think, it won’t grant you just any wish, but among the things that it can give you, is a battle pet that can sell for up to 10,000g on some servers — The Magical Crawdad.

So, here’s what you have to do to catch Mr. Pinchy and the requirements for it.


  • Minimum level 68;
  • Minimum fishing skill 1;
  • Expert Riding;
  • Flying mount.

Where to go:

If you play Alliance, teleport or fly to Shattrath City in Terokkar Forest, from there take a flight to Allerian Stronghold, then use your flying mount and fly a bit south-east, to Skettis.

For Horde, teleport of fly to Shattrath City, take the flight path to Stonebreaker Hold, then use your mount to fly south-east to Skettis.

Evidently, if you already have an extra fast flying mount, you can fly directly to Skettis (66,78) from Shattrath City. to save a little time.

Skettis Fishing Map

What to do:

Start fishing in the Highland Mixed Schools of fish at Skettis. The fish that you will catch here aren’t worth much. You’ll get Furious Crawdads and Golden Darters mostly, and occasionally Huge Spotted Feltails which can be used as off-hand weapons. Your main objective though is to catch Mr. Pinchy, which will drop sooner or later.

Mr. Pinchy is actually a 3 charge item, an item usable 3 times, with a re-use timer of 4 hours. Once you get Mr. Pinchy, use one charge for your first wish. Among the stuff you can get is the Magical Crawdad pet. However, you can get other stuff, such as Mr. Pinchy’s Blessing (a HP buff), a gift box containing various stuff, or you may get with a Furious Mr. Pinchy, a level 70 non-elite that will attack you.

Skettis Fishing Spot

To benefit from the remaining 2 wishes, you must log in the character which you have fished Mr. Pinchy with, and use it after 4, and respectively 8 hours. I’m not sure though if you can get 2 or even 3 Magical Crawdads from one Mr. Pinchy. I’ve only got 1 per Mr. Pinchy so far.

The Magical Crawdad is given to you in a Magical Crawdad Box. If you get this box, use it in your inventory, add the Magical Crawdad to your pet journal, then put it in a cage and sell it at AH.


On my last fishing session at Skettis (Terokkar Forest), I was quite lucky. I managed to get Mr. Pinchy after 30 minutes of fishing, and on the first wish it granted me the Magical Crawdad Box.

Magical Crawdad x 1 = 5000g

Furious Crawdad x 51 = 20g / stack = 51g
Golden Darter x 13 = 10g
Huge Spotted Feltail x 2 = 5g / each = 10g
Mote of Water x 5 = 5g / each = 25g

Total: 5096g after 30 minutes of fishing (with quite a bit of luck, of course).

Skettis Fishing Loot


One of the main reasons the Magical Crawdad sells for a high price is that it’s quite an awesome battle pet. It has an ability – Wish – which is a 50% heal, with a 1-round delay. Therefore, you can call the crawdad into battle, cast Wish, then swap on a damaged pet and Wish will be cast on the damaged pet at the end of the next round, healing it by 50% of its HP. This makes the Magical Crawdad a very useful pet for the Celestial Tournament, where you cannot use the Revive Battle Pets ability to heal pets, nor Pet Bandages. So, the Wish ability can help you heal all your remaining pets to maximum, without leaving the tournament instance.

You can choose to level up the Magical Crawdad to 25 and then sell it. Evidently, in this case you should be able to sell it for more gold, such as 6-7k.

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